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Welcome to New Earth News! I’m so excited to launch New Earth News with you. In addition to my newsletters, blog and social media, New Earth News provides a space we can connect and share the latest updates, Ascension tips and Quantum Access® Activation Protocols to assist in your spiritual awakening. I invite you to share New Earth News with your Soul Tribe. We are building the New Earth together! Namaste! – Meg Benedicte


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Our Latest News

Just Hours Till Equinox Activations

Just Hours Till Equinox Activations

In just hours we will experience the arrival of the Equinox at 0° Libra. Libra is the sign of ‘balanced scales’, inspiring more justice, harmony and equilibrium in the world. We are entering the great cosmic Equalizer. As we attune to today’s Equinox balance point, we...

Balancing Equinox Activations

Balancing Equinox Activations

We are entering the Equinox portal this week, exact on Thursday at 1:03 UTC, 6:03pm Pacific. The Equinox on September 22/23 (depending on time zone) occurs at 0° Libra, the sign of balanced scales, the equalizer of opposing forces. The annual Equinox gateway brings a...

Shift in Power

Shift in Power

Since the intense Lionsgate activations in early August there has been a perceivable shift occurring in the global power systems. I sense it in the field, like a background wobble, as we experience the shift from one operating system to another. The world is evolving...