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Saturday, April 4th

12:00 – 1:30 PM PT

444 Gateway Global Activation

Join Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the 444 Gateway Global Activations on Saturday, April 4th at 12:00pm PDT.


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Global Reset

Global Reset

It takes 2,000 years to pass through this band of photons streaming from the Great Central Sun. Every Great Cycle is remarkably similar with global climate changes, increasing temperatures, ice caps melting, sea levels rising, coastlines sinking, food and water...

444 Gateway

444 Gateway

In esoteric numerology, 444 is the symbol for Archangels. On April 4th we are blessed with an Angelic ‘444 Gateway’, vibrating with angelic love and support. While the 444 Gateway is open the Angelic Realms are more accessible and sending positive signs, signals and...

Equinox Gateway March 19/20

Equinox Gateway March 19/20

We have all come to planet earth at this particular time to heal and integrate all lost Soul aspects and transform the collective consciousness. The root cause of dis-ease and illness originates from the splitting of Self into many "life particles", parts of Self...

Meg Benedicte

Hello, welcome to my personal website! My story is unusual but serves a greater purpose.

As a Walk-In Soul, I entered this timeline to support the cosmic ascension plan.

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