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Due to the momentous timeline bifurcation that occurred on December 21, 2012, we have been experiencing two parallel timelines…the Old Earth Timeline and the New Earth Timeline. The quantum field displays a mystical array of parallel outcomes…as two distinct world realities activated in the earth plane.

For those who choose to shift into the New Earth Timeline, you are setting into motion a sequence of events that unlock you from the reincarnatinonal cycle. You are setting yourself FREE! As Starseed Souls, you are planting your crystalized seeds of Ascension in the New Earth Timeline. I created the New Earth Timeline Meditation to assist your journey. – Meg Benedicte


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Join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the 222 Gateway Activations.

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Join Meg Benedicte and Manette Mays with Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the Equinox Gateway Activations.

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Join Meg on UniTea Live Show

Join Meg on UniTea Live Show

You are invited to join me with hosts, Brooklin and Emily on their UniTea Live show. this Wednesday, January 19th at 8:00pm EST/ 5:00pm PST.   Join us LIVE on January 19th! Register for Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IIt2dSmIRJGkDebnxhkCkA   In...

222 Divine Feminine Infusion

222 Divine Feminine Infusion

If you look up into the vast sky tonight, you may catch a glimpse of the first Full Moon of 2022. This powerful Lunar event occurs in her home sign of Cancer - of Mother - intensifying empathy, deeper emotions and feelings. You may sense or feel tonight’s Full Moon...

2022 Awakening

2022 Awakening

2022 awakens the energy of 222 universal code and ‘6’ significance and thematic influences all year (2+2+2). Each year has a certain unique energy based on the numerology and astrology active at that time. Following such tumultuous years of global change, 2022...