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Our Latest News

New Future Timeline

New Future Timeline

Since my time working with AA Metatron in Glastonbury, at the heart chakra of Gaia, I’ve been seeing and sensing the anchoring of the new earth timeline strongly in the field. Many of us have traveled from the future, timejumping between realities, assisting the...

Cosmic Heart Activation

Cosmic Heart Activation

In just hours I will be offering LIVE Heart Chakra Activations on Zoom. The heart chakra is the main, central conduit of life force within all bodies and layers of your biofield. Without a clear, open, expansive and receptive heart center, your energy remains...

Galactic Heart Expansion

Galactic Heart Expansion

Gaia’s geomagnetic field is pulsing with rapid fire solar X-flares exploding like hydrogen bombs at the speed of light. Incoming galactic plasma energies have been saturating the field since the Eclipses. Can it get any more intense? This is a cosmic blueprint for...