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Saturday, January 11th

12:00 – 1:30 PM PT

Lunar Eclipse-Saturn/Pluto Conj Global Activation

Join Light Bearers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world for the Lunar Eclipse – Saturn/Pluto Conj Global Activations on Saturday, January 11th at 12:00pm PT.

February 7-10, 2020

Ascension Panel – Conscious Life Expo Los Angeles

Ascension discussion at Ascension Panel hosted by Meg Benedicte and Debra Giusti


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222 Gateway

222 Gateway

In esoteric teachings the universal number sequence of 222 signifies our life purpose, spiritual growth and evolutionary progress. To realize your full potential, you need to trust in yourself. 222 opens you to new levels of consciousness and ancient knowledge, as you...

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

It is one of the most powerful events of the year, when Saturn and Pluto form an exact conjunction today, January 12th. Saturn and Pluto join a stellium at 23° Capricorn with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres, square Eris in Aries. Today’s conjunction inspires new thought,...

2020 Age of Ascension

2020 Age of Ascension

We are about to experience one of the most catalytic weekends of our lives! Into the vortex we go! Astrologers have been discussing, parsing and warning about this week’s astro-events for some years now. The energy has been building throughout 2019 as we finally reach...

Meg Benedicte

Hello, welcome to my personal website! My story is unusual but serves a greater purpose.

As a Walk-In Soul, I entered this timeline to support the cosmic ascension plan.

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