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10-10 Gateway Activations

Oct 7, 2019 | 0 comments

On Thursday, October 10th the Ascension Gateway initiates some of the most extraordinary months of our lives. We are entering the most intense phase of the planetary shift that will greatly affect the collective consciousness for the coming years. The 10:10 Gateway initiates a sequence of rapid ascension activations – 11:11, 12:12:12, Solstice, Solar and Lunar Eclipses and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on Jan. 12, 2020.

This will require superpowers of calm, stability and endurance. Imagine you are preparing for a marathon and you need to strengthen your spiritual muscles. You will need to take care of your health. Meditate. Rest. Eat high vibe food. Focus on stamina and patience. This is the moment Lightworkers have been preparing for since the Harmonic Convergence. This is the time to step into your Soul’s shoes and own it!

10:10 is a sacred portal of initiation, of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 10:10 launches the global shift into higher dimensional living. It will arrive in stair-step fashion. The series of plasma photonic Light lifts us higher and higher as we drop density and matrix entanglements. It is sequential clearing of all that limits and diminishes us.

10:10 is the starting gate. In numerology 1 represents new beginnings, a fresh start, a new cycle. 0 represents the alpha-omega, the death-rebirth cycle, and our interconnectedness with the divine! When we enter the 10:10 Gateway, we are accelerating rapid transformation of our physical, emotional and mental bodies. It will be felt at the cellular level. The crystalline Light permeates every fiber of our being. We are evolving into Christed Light expression.

Travel to the Great Central Sun and spin your atoms into zero point! Join Manette and myself with Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on Thursday, October 10th for the 10:10  Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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