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11 – 22 Gateway

Sep 11, 2021 | 0 comments

We’ve been experiencing a rare ‘22’ gateway since the Full Blue Moon occurred at 29° Aquarius on August 22. The 22 gateway energies are amplifying as we near the Equinox on September 22. Not only does the Equinox launch the month of Libra on September 22, it is the first day of a new season. Libra is the sign of justice, symbolized by balancing scales, emphasizing more harmony and balanced polarities.

It is a day out of time…when day and night are equal length. It is a sacred moment when all stand equal in the balance of opposites. While the Equinox Gateway is ‘active’ we will focus on balancing opposing forces within our own being and in our world.

According to Numerologist, Christine DeLorey, 11 + 11 = 22 – the number of the Master Architect and Builder. 22 is the number of compassion and improving conditions for human beings, (and the animals and natural world), on a global scale. Master Numbers are concentrated POWER.

Today we remember the Americans who lost their lives on 9/11. The number 11 looks like the Twin Towers. 9/11 also refers to learning from history, accurate records, and the sequence of events, and how 1 step leads to another. 9 takes us backwards so that we can see what led to present circumstances, while 11 sheds light on the details. When 9 and 11 merge, another 11 is produced: 9+1+1=11. On this day of ‘11’, let’s remember we are 1 – with ourselves, each other, and all life on our beloved planet, Mother Earth.

The Equinox is a double 11 day – 22 Master Code to build the New Earth Timeline. The Equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator, equal distance between north and south poles. It is the balance point between light and dark. While we pass through these heightened threshold moments, you may feel super-sensitive to the charged energies involved. The seams between dimensions stretch and open, allowing more access to the higher realms.

During 2021 the world is rapidly changing, there is a sense of restructuring occurring on all levels of life. Since the March Equinox, the old Armageddon timeline is decomposing, the final stage of collapsing capitalism. We are witnessing systemic breakdown prior to the collective breakthrough.

As we begin to restructure our inner and outer lives, there rises a surge to regain balance. The Tao symbol exemplifies the holistic union of yin/yang, the swirling interaction of equal forces. We have been living in a left brain-dominated society, driven by intellect, aggression and ambition. During the 2000’s we will see more right brain-feminine qualities develop in society.

22 is the sign of Alchemy and the High Priestess in Tarot, altering energetic form and materializing visions into reality. There are signs of increasing compassion and empathy for all life on the planet. Instead of using effort to acquire, we are becoming more open and receptive to an abundant flow of support. Our hearts are expanding to receive infinite love. We are restructuring at the molecular level to live as Divine Humans.

The Tao symbol represents the holistic balance of yin/yang…the swirling blend of masculine and feminine in a dance of harmonic Oneness. The human race is rapidly evolving into crystalline beings of wholeness. During the Equinox Gateway we will join the dance and balance all aspects of Self in unity consciousness.

The 22 gateway remains active till the Equinox on September 22. We are builders of a new paradigm. The ‘22’ Master Builders and Alchemists have traveled to earth to transform human consciousness during the Aquarian Era.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world for the Equinox Global Activations on Wednesday, September 22nd at 12:00pm Pacific Time. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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