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11:11 Gateway Global Meditation

Nov 8, 2019 | 0 comments

I was inspired to offer my first Global Gateway Meditation on 11-11-2011, a momentous portal activation of light purification in the planetary collective. At that time, we were just thrilled to be AWAKE and reconnecting with the galactic Family of Light. It was a day of love, joy and heart-filled bliss! The Lightworkers had arrived at the gateway to accelerated ascension.

11:11 is a powerful moment of Spiritual Mastery, when a global awakening sweeps the planetary consciousness. The incoming photonic plasma waves from the galactic center affect Gaia’s magnetic fields, the position of the poles, the climate and weather, and the ‘hive mind’ programming. When the dense magnetic layers dissolve and shift, quantum consciousness can flow in.

The ancient Elders predicted a Golden Age of 2000 years when the solar system would pass through a band of photons that initiates a cycle of ‘purification’.  During this ‘Ascension Phase’ the human biofield will absorb the photonic light encoded with sentient intelligence that causes DNA mutation. Not only does DNA absorb photon light, it emits light as well to form our physical reality… by morphing the matrix of matter through intense light purification.

The Photon Belt not only impacts the solar system, but also the DNA ‘transceivers’ in the intra-cellular human ‘radio’. The pineal gland in the brain is transforming the photon light energy into geometric forms that activate the inter-dimensional (junk) DNA.  It is a step-by-step process of upliftment into the higher holographic realm of enlightenment. Gaia and humanity are in the process of realigning with the natural rhythm of the planets and stars in the cosmos, also called the Divine Flow.

As you enter the cosmic 11:11 Gateway portal, you connect to the future ‘Ascended You’ in zero point, in the infinite Now. It is a powerful seed moment for activating your divine Soul’s ascension life plan. The key to human ascension is the physical conversion from carbon-based cellular structure to crystalline. Quartz crystal comes from silica that acts as an amplifier and transformer of energy.

The crystalline transmission signaling through the blood crystals enhances your connection to the cosmos. When you metabolize photonic crystalline light in the body, the silica amplifies the golden frequency of Life Force at the molecular level. When spinning in the Quantum Vortex you are ingesting Crystalline Light into the mitochondria to convert into bio-fuel for the body. Similar to photosynthesis, the silica transforms Light into chemical energy to fuel the Soul’s Ascension Template (Light Body) into a crystal vessel of Soul Embodiment.

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on November 11th for the 11:11 Gateway Global Activations. Step into the 11:11 portal and meet your future Ascended Master Soul.  The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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