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12:12 Cosmic Event Horizon

Dec 4, 2023 | 0 comments

On December 12 (double 12) we experience AA Metatron’s 12:12 annual Ascension Gateway in collaboration with the 12 Root Races that star-seeded the ancient Golden Age of Zep Tepi. This is a momentous metaphysical event, as Gaia aligns with the galactic center, located at 26-27° Sagittarius. Once a year, as the planet connects to the event horizon of the galactic vortex, a direct pathway opens to pure Source force. 12:12 represents your spiritual growth as an Infinite Being.

According to Metatronian mysticism, 12:12 is a sacred code that activates your Merkabic Light Body. While the 12:12 portal is active, the zero point field at the galactic center enables molecules to speak to each other non-locally and virtually instantaneously, in oscillating frequencies through entanglement. This is a power-packed moment of infinite possibilities. Don’t miss this extraordinary moment to crystallize your Soul’s Light Body and Blueprint.

Also on 12:12 there will be a New Moon at 20° Sagittarius. New Moons usher in new beginnings, a fresh start or new direction in life. The theme of the Sagittarius New Moon is optimistic and adventurous, a champion of bravery and honesty. The positive aspects of the 12:12 New Moon are amplified by the galactic vortex to expand your horizons from a broader perspective. It is advantageous to set your visions and intentions, dreams and goals while the 12:12 gateway is active.

Join us on December 12th for transformative Activations during the 12:12 Gateway. The show is recorded for replay. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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