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2022 Awakening

Jan 10, 2022 | 0 comments

2022 awakens the energy of 222 universal code and ‘6’ significance and thematic influences all year (2+2+2). Each year has a certain unique energy based on the numerology and astrology active at that time. Following such tumultuous years of global change, 2022 supplies the power to reinvent yourself. As the ‘6’ year unfolds, you will feel more inspired to apply your awakened spirituality in a more grounded, responsible and human experience. 2022 is the year to birth alive your Soul purpose, path and mission in a way never been expressed before.

During the past two years of the pandemic, we have been living a more isolated existence, stepping away from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced modern living. It has led many to deeper inner reflection and assessment, leading to new priorities, self-reliance and life goals. The global consciousness is shifting in radical new directions. We are witnessing a massive awakening in the human collective. We are also observing extreme levels of unhealed trauma, rage and paranoia surface in our relationships, families and communities. The world is in a major healing crisis.

2022 provides a triple ‘2’ emphasis of the feminine aspect. This year can be a soothing, healing balm for the agitated, wounded populace. 222 is a Master Code that signifies divine feminine power – the symbol of the High Priestess and higher aspirations. 222 highlights balance and harmony in our relationships with others, in our inner world and with the outer world. 2022 is a year of integration and expression of our more awakened self.

The influx of divine feminine energies enhances emotional healing, nurturing, self-care and community care. The 222 universal vibration creates a connection point between the human and the divine. It creates the environment for Soul embodiment to occur. It provides the sacred feminine womb space for renewal, regeneration and rebirth.

The number 2 emphasizes feminine intuition, compassion and purpose in your earthly life. It is the clarion call to share your Soul gifts and serve the planetary shift in motion now. 2022 wraps you in the loving folds of divine mother essence, propelling you to create a better world. The 222 Universal Code reverberates for three days in February: 2/2/2022, 2/20/2022 and 2/22/2022. Let’s ring the bell loudly and spread the 222 gateway power-pulse into the field on February 2nd.

Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world on Wednesday, February 2nd, as we proclaim our global intentions in the New Earth Timeline. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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