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222 Divine Feminine Immersion

Feb 8, 2023 | 0 comments

2023 is already turning out to be a year of unexpected shifts and surprises. 2023 unfolds a ‘7’ Year symbolizing the Mystic, the Merlin, the Wise Sage! 7 is the path of ancient mysticism, initiating the exploration of the inner Mystic within you. During a 7 year, you will feel inspired to connect and uncover more of your divine nature. 2023 is a great year to illuminate the deeper, esoteric aspects of Self.

In Numerology ‘1’ represents masculine energy and ‘2’ represents feminine energy. We have just completed the 1000’s millennium dominated by the masculine Patriarchal hierarchy. As we move further into the 2000’s millennium, there is a crescendo building influencing stronger feminine qualities throughout the global field. This affects all walk of life. It is an infusion of feminine energy into how we think, feel, believe, act and behave.

There is a growing malaise and collective fatigue regarding toxic masculinity and control dynamics. The global consciousness is softening into a more gentle, compassionate interchange with all of existence. There is a groundswell of empathy for others. Cruelty and hate are no longer tolerated. The feminine energy is permeating the very fabric of our lives.

A triple 2 sequence – 222 – amplifies the growing immersion in the feminine energies of Divine Mother, the High Priestess, the Goddess essence. The 2000’s infusion of ‘2’ energies awaken and strengthen sacred feminine qualities in all of us. During 222 gateways, we can intensify exponentially the swell of feminine energy in the field. This creates a threshold shift in the collective consciousness from the fading toxic patriarchy into a more balanced yin-yang circular connectedness. The divine goddess is transforming the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical Patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion.

The green comet ZTF has been circling earth for some weeks now. In a blaze of shimmering emerald light, the galactic visitor has caught our attention. Photons transport information, intelligence, consciousness from point A to point B. Photons act like a cosmic shuttle bus, transferring light consciousness into our neighborhood. Comets are potent celestial messengers that come to us during certain upgrades (such as DNA upgrades) or great shifts in collective consciousness. A comet takes long loops around the galaxy collecting cosmic energy, coding input and divine wisdom in its extended travels.

Let’s celebrate the feminine blessings as we shift the field. The High Priestess is guiding you to walk in integrity on your Soul path! Join other Light Beings and visiting Starseeds for the 222 Gateway Activations. Travel to your Soul’s original homestar and activate your Light Body. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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