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222 Essence of 2022

Jan 29, 2022 | 0 comments

January has given us a small taste of what the 222 essence of 2022 is bringing to life on planet earth. As we dip our toe in the feminine fluid infusion, we are starting to gain a better sense of the 222 mystery and magic of 2022. In Numerology, ‘2’ represents MOTHER energy. A triple 2 year introduces a level of feminine energy not seen in modern civilization. This is a breakthrough year!

As we evolve beyond the past ‘1’ millennium of masculine hierarchy, 2022 is encoded to launch the new ‘2’ millennium, establishing more feminine balance in the world. Although the feminine infusion continues all year, there are some pretty powerful gateway thresholds occurring in February on the 2nd and 22nd. As part of my Soul mission as a Gatekeeper, I’ve been directly involved with leading galactic gateway activations since Nov. 11, 2011. Cosmic gateways operate as pathway portals directly to higher dimensions, divine light frequencies, advanced consciousness and the source field of creation.

During gateway activations, as you step into the zero point field at the galactic center, your biofield receives a surge of crystalline encoding. Your Starseed DNA unlocks and awakens with sentient consciousness – the crystal ascension codes awaken as the genetic structure evolves into quantum unfoldment. During the 222 gateway activations, dormant feminine qualities unfurl within, amplifying psychic abilities, empath abilities, healing abilities, receptivity and greater focus on Soul purpose and serving the ultimate good of the community.

This is a rare, golden opportunity to ignite more yin power within your Soul’s Light Body. The High Priestess is guiding you to walk in integrity on your Soul path! When you live in integrity with Soul dharma and universal truth, you are the Master Builder of a new paradigm in the newly forming ‘2’ millennium. This year is a global transition point from one system to the next…and we can influence how the new system unfolds. Let’s connect with Divine Mother in the 222 gateway and birth our New Earth.

Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world on Wednesday, February 2nd, as we receive the galactic feminine infusion. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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