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222 Gateway Activations

Feb 19, 2024 | 0 comments

This Thursday, February 22nd is a turbo-charged cosmic event, as Mars unites with Venus at 6°30′ Aquarius – igniting inner passion, desires, forging new unions and an explosion of creativity. I was born with my Venus conjunct Mars, always feeling their interaction and balancing woven within. Venus and Mars joining in Aquarius, enhances the sign of Lovers and the interaction of feminine and masculine energies within our being and with others.

While Pluto at 00°00 Aquarius joins this transit, expect a shakeup with interpersonal relationship patterns that are outdated, unhealthy or destructive. The new circular system is visible in the galaxy, as completely formed stars orbiting each other. As we adjust to the new system, we realize where we are out of alignment with others, where we are not fully formed or whole, where we lean too much on others in codependency.

This powerful mashup may bring up deep core emotions from past relationship wounds, as well as stuck trauma from shadow feminine or shadow masculine abuse. All needs to be released into the Refiner’s Fire of Purification. Set aside some time this week for quiet self-reflection on your deeper desires, passions and past relationships. What requires healing? Where can you improve? What needs shifting? Are you being true to yourself?

Exalted Venus and Mars represent the highest ideals of divine feminine and masculine expression. Conjunct in Aquarius, we attune to the higher dimensional aspects of star-kissed Lovers, the exquisite interplay of yin and yang essence. We are learning a new way to relate with each other beyond the corrupt hierarchy system. It is a dance of mutual receptive ‘give and take’, a balanced exchange of love, compassion and respect.

We are being cleansed and purified of old stories, patterns, behaviors and beliefs so that we can transcend the lower realm of human pain and suffering. If you’ve ever questioned the world as ‘it is’…then you are on the right path. Once you venture beyond the limits of the left-brain ‘thinking mind’ that analyzes the physical world, a new, higher vantage point opens to you. It is the greater multi-dimensional world of energy, of ether, of holograms and quantum particles. Some call it the world of imagination, but in truth, it is the realm of ‘all existence’…be it particles of matter or virtual particles of Light consciousness.

When your mind awakens to this vast vantage point or perspective, you realize that your physical human ‘stories’ are just that – STORIES! They can be shifted and rewritten at any time. The malleable nature of your human story is surprising, inspiring and enlightening. The ancients weren’t kidding – you really do live in a holo-field of shifting realities.

With focused intention, you can use your powerful multi-dimensional mind and point coherent photon laser light into your human story and dissolve the hologram into particles of sand. Where you focus is where your Light power is directed. The time has come for all Light Bearers to use their laser focus and rewrite the human story.

Since 2011 we have been gathering monthly in global meditations to influence the future of Gaia and all life on this beloved planet. As we travel around the galactic center, certain powerful gateways form in the cosmos. These gateways, doors, portals, nodal spin points create an opening between the realms. Joining the Venus-Mars conjunction on February 22 is the spectacular 222 Gateway illuminating the sky! While Venus, the planet of feminine essence, joins Mars, her counterpart, in Aquarius, we are blessed with the 222 Goddess Gateway.

222 emphasizes the Divine Mother essence of unconditional love, compassion, safety and security. The triple dose of 222 Goddess infusion provides the opportunity to activate the sacred union template, the cosmic Vesica Pisces (two interlocking rings) – to come alive in your heart center and light body. 222 ushers in positive vibrations for dreams, visions, intentions and life goals.

In tarot, the 2nd Arcana card represents the High Priestess of hidden talents, mystery and spiritual wisdom. This is a call to align with your divine purpose and soul mission. 22 is the symbol of the Master Alchemist. 22 inspires us to think BIG, on a global scale, innovative ideas that benefit the greater good.

On Thursday, 2:22 we are in for a rare treat of expansive Goddess infusion. Join our gathering in the 222 Gateway, receive the Goddess blessings and activate the sacred heart template of universal love, balance and harmony. Let’s fire up the grid with Love and Peace!

Lovingly, Meg


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