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222 Goddess Activations

Feb 14, 2024 | 0 comments

What a powerful upswell into new energy, a new era, new vibrations! This ‘8’ Year of the Wood Dragon is already proving to lift us into a higher spiritual level, breaking through another density threshold. Last week I suddenly had to lie down, my body and mind turning off, feeling intense pressure pushing me down into the bed. After an hour of deep trance state with my Spirit Team, I awakened refreshed, lighter, free from that heavy density layer. It was an extraordinary breakthrough moment!

Since then, my Soul’s life force has increased in an infusion of energy pulsing and vibrating in my body, in new visions, in a stronger inner drive. This wellspring of inner Soul essence desires to express in the world. It is a compelling wave moving in me and through me. I see it, sense it, feel it, invigorated by it. This ‘8’ Year is uplifting us into higher, more expanded ways of Being.

The first sacred gateway of 2024 is next week’s 222 immersion in the feminine energies of Divine Mother, the High Priestess, the Goddess essence. As we adjust to the ‘8’ energies of Dragon spirit, what a perfect time to connect, honor and integrate the swell of feminine energy in the field. The divine goddess is transforming the global operating system by dissolving hierarchical Patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion.

The triple dose of 222 Goddess infusion provides the opportunity to activate the sacred union template, the cosmic Vesica Pisces (two interlocking rings) – to come alive in your heart center and light body. This is the new template of divine love, of yin/yang balance, of ONEness vibrating within your being in the New Earth.

The Goddess returns in all her glory! As we gather together on February 22nd in the 222 Gateway, we welcome the Goddess blessings and benevolence as we activate the sacred heart template of universal love, balance and harmony. Let’s join AA Metatron in this auspicious 222 gateway and alchemize a world of peace.

Lovingly, Meg

Graphic Image by Daniel Holeman



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