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222 Goddess Gateway

Feb 21, 2023 | 0 comments

In just hours the magical 222 Gateway opens this Wednesday, February 22 to a powerful Goddess infusion. There is excitement in the air! It is a powerful cosmic event that will ripple into the coming years of millennium 2000’s. In just hours we will be immersed in magical ‘2’ energy that represents Mother, the High Priestess, the Goddess essence. Wednesday’s infusion of triple ‘2’s awakens and strengthens sacred feminine qualities in all of us.

The divine Goddess Infusion will alter and transform the global operating system from the dissolving hierarchical patriarchy into a more equitable circle of collaboration, community and expansion. This is a threshold moment for humanity and Gaia. It is an entry point in a new direction, away from rampant consumption, destruction, and disregard for life on planet earth.

The Goddess returns in all her glory! As we gather together in sacred space in the 222 Gateway, we welcome the Goddess blessings and benevolence as we amplify feminine qualities within our entire being. Let’s join AA Metatron in this auspicious 222 gateway and alchemize a world of peace.

Join other Light Beings and visiting Starseeds on Wednesday, February 22 for the 222 Gateway Activations. Travel to your Soul’s original homestar and connect with your unique home starlight. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

PS: If you would like to experience the Quantum Access® method, sign up for free download on how to activate the Quantum Vortex here:


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