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3 Week Spiritual Awakening Webinar Series

Dec 6, 2022 | 0 comments

‘LIVE’ 3 WEEK WEBINAR SERIES in January 2023
with Meg Benedicte
Wednesday, January 11, 18 and 25th
12 – 3pm Pacific Time
Will the changing times affect you, or will you affect the change? Are you Awakening to the planetary shift in consciousness? Are you tired of the constant stress and struggle of polarization? Did you know that your human energy field is constantly responding to an invisible, vibrant force of creative power that can be tapped and utilized at any given moment?
Learn how to extract your energy from the collapsing Patriarchal Hierarchy power system and shift into the New Earth circular (Torus) operating system!
The 3 Week Spiritual Awakening Webinar Series is designed for those who are seeking additional tips, techniques, and a chance to practice ‘Live’ Ascension Protocol Activations with Meg.
In the 21 Day Master Class, you will:
• Prepare for 2023 and the increasing global reset
• Learn why you need a Spiritual Practice during the current world changes and challenges
• Explore the signs and symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
• Learn about the global consciousness shift into the new circular operating system
• Discover AA Metatron’s role during the Global Reset
• Explore the difference between the collapsing Hierarchy and New Earth Community
• Practice how to maintain zero point coherence and activate your Heart Crystal Stargate
• Learn how to activate and maintain Soul’s Light Body in Daily Spiritual Practice & Protocols
• Discover the quantum mechanics of vortex power and how it accelerates Ascension
• Explore the quantum physics of Merkaba Torus and circular spiral of creation
• Practice how to apply AA Metatron’s sacred geometry to activate the Resurrection Spiral, and more!
In this ‘Live’ 3 Week Interactive Webinar Series, Meg will assist your Spiritual Awakening with practical steps and Protocols to accelerate your personal transformation!
Course includes 21 Day Protocols to supercharge your Spiritual Practice!
3 Week ‘Live’ Zoom Webinars will include
• Review of Training Material
• 21 Day Spiritual Practice Guidebook
• Interactive Q&A with class – send in your questions
• Guided Quantum Access® Protocols and ‘Live’ Activations
• Zoom Webinars will be recorded – Replay Link and Passcode will be posted after all 3 events.


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