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7 Year of the Mystic

Dec 31, 2022 | 0 comments

2023 is a ‘7’ year (add 2+0+2+3) of deep, inner introspection and reflection. The highest ideal of sacred number 7 symbolizes the Mystic, the Merlin, the Wise Sage! It is the path of ancient mysticism, the exploration of the internal essence of Being. Within the sacred nuggets of Self, you uncover your Soul calling, your mission in life, your divine purpose.

During a 7 year, you will feel motivated and inspired in seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfillment and Soul actualization. According to Numerologist, Christine Delorey, “7 emphasizes introspection, emotion, analysis, intuition, reflection, seclusion, research, and FAITH. This is meant to be a quieter, “inner” year in which you can learn the answers to your most burning and often avoided questions.”

2023 also launches the 2nd 10-year cycle of global Ascension since 2012. All of existence is ‘under review’. The world is no longer complicit in allowing continued patriarchal hierarchal authoritarian rule. A ‘7’ year emphasizes that status quo is no longer acceptable.

As we enter 2023, shine the brilliant crystalline Light on your dreams, visions, prayers and Intentions. Open your heart to the divine essence alive within you. The sacred ‘7’ energies surround you in the magic of the Mystic. 2023 (7 year) is calling you to live Big and Bold!

Lovingly, Meg


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