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8 Year of Power Issues

Feb 26, 2024 | 0 comments

As we move deeper into 2024, an ‘8’ Year of the Dragon, we’re becoming more aware of what vibrates with empowerment, leadership, and confidence and what limits or drains personal power. ‘Power’ is the primary theme of 2024. An ‘8’ Year provides the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of self-empowerment.

Consider the ‘8’ energies shining a spotlight on the levels of available power you experience within your being and out in the world. In esoteric terms, our power is our Light! How much Soul Light can you access and radiate? Are you Soul-sourcing, beaming like the brilliant star that is you?

Since 2024 began, I’ve been noticing where I still feel blocked and where my container of Light has expanded, pulsing with more power. The limiting blocks may be rigid ancestral systems and patterns, holding us back from full power. The blocks may be mental mindsets that are fixed, unyielding, constructing a weakened perspective. There may be emotional blocks of fear, anxiety or doubt that freeze all positive progress from moving forward. Take this year to identify those limiting blocks that keep you stuck, small, unfulfilled and disempowered.

According to Numerologist, Christine Delorey, “8 is the number of power, material and financial gain, achievement, reward, status, and satisfaction. The 8 Year vibration will provide the means – the personal power – with which to change the status quo and accomplish a significant goal that will alter the direction and quality of your journey.

But there is another aspect of 8 that is rarely spoken about. Yes, 8 is the number of power in the material world, but it is also the number of accurate information, without which power cannot sustain itself. In fact, accurate information is not enough. There also has to be CORRECT UNDERSTANDING of that information, otherwise it is useless to you.” Read more:

Combined with ‘8’ vibration is 2024’s Chinese Dragon Year of Power! The Dragon is the only mythical sign in Chinese astrology of power and courage, encouraging you to take positive action on your own behalf. The Dragon symbolizes power, prosperity and spirituality. Historically linked with imperial power, the Dragon is a protector and often associated with royalty. The Dragon spirit animal can also symbolize self-love and empowerment.

There is another aspect to be aware of…an ‘8’ year can reveal karmic power issues. Pluto in Aquarius brings up unhealthy patterns with power – both personal and collective. Too often we are blocked by our own internal ego control and domination. The ego should not be controlling the Chakra Pillar, this is the sacred vessel for Soul presence, kundalini life force, Light frequency and the circular vertical inflow-outflow of energy. It is a disempowering situation that significantly limits access to higher consciousness, abundance and wisdom.

During the influence of an ‘8’ year, you can initiate a system reset. You can actively shift from living under the influence of hierarchal ego-power into the new circular operating system of Soul power. In order to merge with the divine Soul, you must dismantle the hierarchy system of ego control within your body, heart, mind and aura. You are shifting into a new system, away from mental ego-driven will into heart-centered divine will.

As you dismantle and remove the ego hierarchy ruling and controlling your life, you rise in higher frequencies into the new heart-centered, collaborative operating system.  Your electromagnetic field becomes Soul-sourcing, no longer dependent on anything outside itself. During this ‘8’ year, decide precisely what you want to accomplish and take positive actions to eliminate any habits, mindsets or behaviors that have held you back in the past.

It is my passion and mission to assist you through this system reset. Quantum Access® is the method to remove the limiting barriers and blockages so you can increase personal power. I’m excited to share with you an empowering triple 8 Retreat in Mount Shasta designed to accelerate this process in a 5 Day immersion of divine empowerment. If you desire to quantum leap your progress, this 888 Retreat is designed for you. Retreat details:

The dedicated New Earth Wayshowers are leading the way into the Golden Age of Gaia. Let’s ignite this momentous ‘8’ Year of the Dragon of balance, infinity, abundance and empowerment. What a spectacular initiation of revolutionary/evolutionary advancement!

Lovingly, Meg


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