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A New Year – A New Earth

Dec 31, 2020 | 0 comments

Every New Year’s Eve, I do a ritual of review before setting my intentions for the new cycle. I spend some quiet time reviewing the past year’s challenges, lessons and accomplishments. 2020’s NYE review is especially poignant and ponderous. What a helluva year it has been.

As a quantum healer, I spend a lot of my time analyzing and reading energy. In healing sessions, I lock laser focus onto the issue, situation or condition to uncover the consciousness cause. When applying this technique on the extraordinary year of 2020, I am struck by the complexities and polarities that formed such a challenging year.

At the core root of the matter is the ‘alarm’ ringing loudly to gain our attention. It is not a short alarm, but an ever-increasing ‘off the charts’ ear-shattering clamor of urgency alarm. It is the alarm we hear of overwhelm during a healing crisis. I am familiar with this type of alarm…I’ve experienced several of my own during a healing crisis. But this alarm arrived in 2020 as a global metaphorical ‘house is on fire’ alarm!  This alarm is warning us that our beloved Gaia is on the brink of extinction.

In the presence of increasing solar activity and penetrating light frequency, all unconscious thought patterns and buried trauma are amplified and evident for healing. In this environment, all stored buffers of distorted emotion begin to vibrate ‘out of sync’, triggering a healing crisis. The polarized magnetic charge and trauma ‘flare-up’ and manifest physical and emotional discomfort, congestion, pain and sometimes disease if not resolved.

The Covid pandemic is our collective flare-up during a healing crisis, a symptom of imbalance in our world. Our ecosystem is no longer functioning properly. We are at the brink of collapse. How many more loved ones will lose their lives before we take this seriously? The alarm is clanging! As in any healing crisis, we can no longer ignore or avoid the distorted imbalance if we are to survive and thrive.

Working as a healer, I have learned that every problem has a solution. Every illness has a remedy. Every disease has antibodies. And so with all of existence, the Covid pandemic may have also saved this world from mass extinction. Within days and weeks of the shutdown, the polluted skies cleared up, the global stress calmed down, we stopped all activity to rest, recover and restart anew. Together we took a pause in the frenetic energy that led us to this point of no return.

All of nature is naturally self-correcting when in balance. But during a crisis, we cannot attain coherence until conscious intervention addresses the negative imbalance. The global alarm has led us to this point. The world is suffering because we are not in harmony with it. Nothing else matters until we return to harmony and balance, within ourselves, with each other, and with nature itself.

if you choose to see the virus as a bioweapon of destruction, perhaps ask yourself why you see it through the lens of ‘victim’…giving your innate power to an evil outside force? If you dismiss the pandemic as a ‘hoax’, perhaps ask yourself why you choose to avoid or escape the crisis? This is what got us in this mess in the first place. In every moment we have a choice. We are either victims or co-creators of our human reality!

It is within the absence of denser magnetic fields that thoughts become pure and potent, full of hope and inspiration. I choose to birth a New Earth paradigm that thrives in harmony and balance. I feel the excitement abuzz in the field of new opportunities. As we enter 2021, let us choose the path of unity consciousness!

Lovingly, Meg

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