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A New Year Perspective

Dec 31, 2019 | 0 comments

On this final day of a transformative year, I’ve would like to take a moment to share with you some of my New Year’s reflections, intentions and observations. We are currently in the eclipse corridor, the two-week period between eclipses. Eclipses shake things loose, triggering new developments and pressure to change.
The Solar Eclipse last week occurred in busy Capricorn, in a trine with Uranus. You may notice the loosening of entrenched ancestral patterns, unwinding, unraveling and setting you free. 2020 launches a new year, a new decade and a new evolutionary cycle.
Since the Capricorn Solar Eclipse, I’ve been sensing the wheels of change grinding ahead. As past realities are completing, pure portals are opening to new realities. We are currently in the hinge point between purging the past and initiating the new. Often when we travel through a threshold frequency shift I end up breaking glass. It operates like a sonic boom, the glass explodes as my energy passes the threshold.
Not only did glass break this week, but I sensed the global timeline shifting again. The outer hologram starts to flicker and ripple. I pick up new images flashing in the holographic field that replace the old ones. Things disappear into thin air. I woke up Saturday morning and checked the time on the clock. A half an hour later I got out of bed and checked the time again…the clock was missing. Gone!
Someone has a sense of humor – not only physical items are disappearing but so is Time. Our world is currently experiencing a spacetime ripple effect. In such a potent force field the new year arrives. We are being encouraged to ‘Think outside the box’ or in this case, ‘outside the control matrix’. Set your New Year’s intentions and visions with this in mind. Embrace the infinite cosmos for your dreams to come true.
As the old construct dismantles, seek and develop independent thinking. Step away from the ‘hive mind’, be cautious of cult mentality. Use your discernment and test everything inside. Does it energize you or control you? Even many channelings and Starseed/Lightworker forums are propagating cult beliefs. You are your own authority – stand in zero point and observe both sides of the coin. Such potent astrology opens the possible realms for life-changing decisions and turning points.
2020 is a ‘4’ year that enhances structures, stability, and pragmatism to build a secure foundation in life. 2020 is the year of focused intention and grounding the New Earth dimension into reality. Take a moment and define your New Year in these powerful energies and ride the threshold wave into living your Ascended Life!
Lovingly Meg
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