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AA Metatron’s Cosmic Stargate

May 27, 2022 | 1 comment

It is not easy living through the breakdown of a global power system. If you’ve ever experienced a personal breakdown, be it a dying belief system, relationship, career, or health, you understand the enormous ramifications of societal breakdown. You embrace what is working for the greater good and extrapolate further into new ideas, new consciousness, new innovations, new technologies and a new operating system instead of devastation, collapse and ‘burn it to the ground’ extremists.

As we shift from a dying operating system to a new empowering operating system, you may be sensing, feeling, seeing glitches in the field. Since the eclipses, I’ve been experiencing repeated peripheral movement, field flickering, perception shifts, holographic jumps and new encodement. The power system is agitated and resistant to morphing into a collaborative collective. The shadow elements are revealed, the violence is exploding, the lies are getting louder, the top-tier are grabbing as much as they can.

Those who no longer want to participate in the old pyramidal power system are shifting into the new paradigm of unity consciousness. The swell is growing stronger. The rallying cries are getting louder. The impact of conscious choice for more peace and harmony is spreading. The wave is building. Now is not the time to lose focus or fortitude. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

In my own personal operating system, my Soul lives in the future, weaving back into the Now. I started living in the New Earth Timeline in 2007, forging a new foundation for myself in this new operating system. My Soul is one of the programmers of the global New Earth operating system. One of my jobs is to communicate details about the new system, how it looks, feels and functions and how to shift into it. AA Metatron calls it the Great Extraction, the quantum shift into an entirely new planetary paradigm. Game ON!

In esoteric symbology, the triangle represents the triune nature of the universe: Heaven, Earth, Man. As a power system, the pyramid epitomizes the parasitic nature of a top-down, dominant overlord. It symbolizes the hierarchical structure of the global patriarchy. Most of humanity was born into this operating system. We are living in the final days of this imbalanced power system.

In many indigenous or pagan teachings, the circle represents the spirit of feminine energy, the goddess, infinity, and the collective. Despite the overwhelming pyramidal hierarchy system, there were cases throughout history of rare power circles existing, such as King Arthur’s round table and sacred Goddess Moon circles. As we shift into the New Earth operating system, we are relinquishing the patriarchy and the matriarchy. We are evolving into an integrated system of the triangle and the circle, forming collaborative units at all scale.

The triangle in a circle symbolizes the world of forms enclosed in the circle of eternity. ‘Triangle within the circle’ is the ancient geometric template for multidimensional stargate access. It is the universal symbol for hyper-dimensional physics that performs as an anti-gravity device. Metatron’s Cube is comprised of circles and triangles…it is the key to our New Earth operating system. It provides the gateway into unity consciousness. It is AA Metatron’s cosmic gift to earthlings to accelerate into becoming divine humans.

Lovingly, Meg


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  1. Franca Carrera

    Thank you
    Now i understand
    I have started seeing something like the metatron you are talking about
    When i sit in the sunlight with my eyes closed
    The colour is red
    And the lines are white
    What is it?


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