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April Solace

Mar 31, 2019 | 0 comments

What a roller coaster it has been! Since 11:11:11 there has been an increasing surge of galactic gamma photon light saturating the planetary field with Ascension consciousness. In the past, this level of gamma ray intensity would have vaporized us. Not anymore!

Gradually we are morphing into the original divine human template as 12 strand DNA humans. All is encoded and stored within the dormant multi-dimensional DNA, waiting for the crystalline light to ignite it. It starts as an inkling of wonder, a spark that awakens higher understanding and awareness of universal knowledge. It is the unveiling of the true nature of quantum holographic possibilities. It is liberating!

Everything is accelerating. Activations, clearings, and healings are happening much quicker now. We are transforming at warp speed. It is all building towards a massive shift in consciousness. All shadow is being revealed in the bright light. The corrupt system can no longer operate behind the scenes, hidden by those in control. It is corroding from the inside.

The system collapse is eminent. The Wayshowers and EarthKeepers are being prepped during 2019 for the coming upheaval. The recent Ascension waves has blasted a hole in the enslavement matrix. It is breaking apart. It can no longer be sustained or justified. It is being swept away for the 5D New Earth hologram to replace it. Lightworkers are being guided to locate on ley lines/sacred land as anchors of the 5D earth plane. We are birthing it alive!

April will provide solace and comfort as we integrate the latest Ascension activations and upgrades. It is a respite for rest and regeneration. It allows our human self/body to catch up with all the changes. It is a time to bring all the new energy and Light frequencies into our human ecosystem and level up again.

The Equinox activated deeper healing of core wounds and releasing past entanglements. It shook loose more density for clearing. We will focus on core wound healing in our upcoming New Earth podcast.  Join Manette and myself on Saturday, April 6th at 12pm PDT. The show includes discussion, Q&A (email questions) and ‘live’ Ascension Activations. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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