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Aquarian Era Revealed

Feb 27, 2023 | 0 comments

Have you felt the new year building in momentum? It feels like riding a ripcurl wave…you can’t see much but trust the power propelling you forward. We are experiencing extraordinary geomagnetic fluctuations, galactic energies and spectacular Aurora Borealis light shows. Let’s ride this wave into the Aquarian Era. The most influential 2023 astrological events arrive in March. Get ready for a significant shift in energy, focus and perspective as Saturn, Pluto and Mars change signs in the month of March.

Leading the pack on March 7, Saturn moves into Pisces, the sign of fluid emotions, changeable flow, sensitivity and spiritual nature, connection and compassion. Saturn has been influencing Aquarian themes for two years, since March 2020. Saturn the Taskmaster represents discipline, authority, boundaries, rules and regulations in watery empathic Pisces. Saturn in Pisces may be an odd fit. Perhaps we will see more grounded spirituality replacing out-of-body escapism. Saturn in Pisces provides the container for Spiritual essence, the sacred vessel for embodiment. Spirituality becomes an in-body experience. Saturn in Pisces enhances a more practical daily spiritual practice.

On March 23 Pluto enters Aquarius, igniting more of the powerful Aquarian Era for all life on the planet. Pluto will stay in Aquarius until June 11, then retrograde back to Capricorn, then forward into Aquarius, back and forth until November 19, 2024; where it will remain until 2043. Pluto is currently in the final degrees of dismantling Capricorn institutions of patriarchy, hierarchy, authoritarian governments, religious cults, and rigid societal structures. As Pluto recycles over the final degrees of Capricorn in the coming months, the impact will ripple through fixed archaic systems that deprive most of the world universal abundance, peace and harmony.

We are witnessing a global shift from old, outdated Capricorn systems as Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23, heralding the new era. Pluto inspires deep soul-searching, shadow work and alchemical transformation. While in Aquarius, Pluto will develop a new power system in the humanitarian sign of community, collective, hive mind. During Pluto’s transit we will see a new society emerge. Under Pluto’s refiner’s fire influence, outdated social conditioning, past trends, superficiality and collective illusions will falter, morph and dissolve.

The Aries Equinox arrives on March 20, setting the stage for a new astrological cycle, a new season and zero point alchemy. The Equinox occurs at 0 degrees Aries, when day and night are equal length. Often referred to as the ‘Great Turning of the Wheel’, it is the cosmic pause between past and future. The Equinox provides the gateway into a fresh new start. When you ascend into a higher threshold resonance, your world reality expands into more complex consciousness. Let’s ride that wave into becoming Divine Humans!

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Lovingly, Meg

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