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Are we ready to Unlock from the Matrix yet?

Dec 28, 2021 | 0 comments

With the return of the 4th film since the popular Matrix triology, Matrix Resurrections, we once again ponder the true nature of reality. The films’ writers present to the world an inside peak into how virtual programming can be mistaken for reality. It looks real, it feels real, it computes as real. And yet, the visceral sensation of reality is formulated by digital code. It begs the question…are we ready to unlock from the Matrix yet?

In the Matrix movies, Neo has to choose between taking the red pill or the blue pill. It is a binary reality, either one or the other. This is a symptom of the lower dimensional binary virtual program. Binary consists of two parts, a choice between two alternatives only, a system which there are exactly two possible states.

In binary coding there are only two possible values for each digit – 0 and 1. In binary gender distinction there exists only feminine and masculine. In the 3D/4D realms, there is a battle between good and evil, light vs. dark. In today’s heated Matrix vernacular, you are either ‘woke’ or a ‘sheeple’.

It is the binary ‘either/or’ mentality that the ego functions in the lower dimensions. The binary program fuels the egocentric projection of ‘me against the world’ reality. This perpetuates a continuous cycle of egoic assertion vs. victimization. The Matrix programming locks the ego mind into limiting binary perspective – only two options to choose from. And there is the catch!

As long as we see reality through the binary ‘eyes of the ego,’ we flounder in battle mode. Our world is a constant push-pull of chaotic disruption and opposition. In the lower 3D/4D reality, life is a continual stream of egoic binary choices. Many believe they are ‘woke’, but still approach enlightenment as a competition for spiritual superiority, as the Matrix guru. Your ‘wokeness’ is still a binary virtual program.

So how do we unlock from the Matrix? Based on quantum physics, the foundation of the holo-verse is consciousness. It is the basic ingredient of intelligent design. It originates in the field, not in the brain. Consciousness streams through the neural pathways, forming a holographic projection of reality that we experience.

Spiritual enlightenment requires a higher state of consciousness, beyond the limits of binary programming. The unification process of the particle and the wave, ensures an upleveling into the quantum state of infinite potential outcomes. Through the merging of human ego and Soul presence (particle/wave), we transcend the lower dimensional binary program and expand into quantum possibilities. We unlock from the 3D/4D Matrix virtual reality and encompass the vast field of all timelines. We begin to see through the ‘eyes of the Soul’. It is here that the New Earth Timeline awaits us!

Lovingly, Meg

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