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Ascending Into 5D

Aug 21, 2020 | 2 comments

All souls incarnating on Gaia at this time have the opportunity to actively ascend into 5th Dimensional consciousness and higher. When we ascend higher, we have access to higher dimensional experiences. We are not leaving 3D or 4D, we are adding and expanding additional dimensions in our lives.

We’re all familiar with the 3rd dimensional experience of the physical world measured by height, width and depth. This is our daily realm living in a dense body, a world of material objects. We perceive the 3D plane through the left brain and our physical senses. Everything in the 3D realm appear separate from ourselves, disconnected and inanimate.

The 4th dimension of spacetime is also called the astral plane, a polarized, holographic world of linear time, distance, and duality. The astral plane envelops the mental and emotional bodies, the realm of imagination, dreams, feelings and mental constructs or beliefs. 4D is a virtual world affecting our mental and emotional wellbeing. The astral plane is also the realm of non-physical disincarnates, entities and shadow beings – of spiritual tricksters, false light, false angels, false ascended masters and false ascension timelines.

Lightworkers are more susceptible to the lure of virtual realities, altered trance states, drug induced states and self-hypnotism. Many are using meditation to escape the physical, human world as a New Age coping mechanism to leave the body and avoid traumatic emotions. Astral travel is another method of abandoning the body to relocate to a virtual world of their making.

Due to the polarized nature of the astral plane, there is a battle escalating between light and dark on the digital internet and planetary field. As we break free from the global Matrix simulation, we are like baby birds learning to fly. But we do not yet have the skills, discipline or discernment to navigate the astral plane yet. Many souls are being sucked into virtual worlds of AI gaming, virtual relationships, propaganda, and rampant conspiracies. In the astral plane they seem ‘real’, but when grounded in the physical body they are obviously artificial and potentially manipulative.

As we ascend 4D into 5D, we clear and release layers of density and trauma from our field, the clutter in the mind dissolves bit by bit. The mind is set free. We’re able to perceive entirely new dimensional realities and live in the 5D operating system of unity consciousness. This requires a daily practice of grounding into the body and onto Earth’s light grid, eating ‘live’ food, spending time in nature, doing physical movement and breathwork. We come down from the mind and get present in the core of our body.

I will be teaching the ‘Ascending into 5D’ Webinar on this topic tomorrow, Saturday, August 22nd as a guest teacher at Portal to Ascension. If you missed my past courses, this is a great refresher course on the current Ascension plan and process. The Webinar will include video training, Q&A and ‘live’ Ascension Activations. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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  1. Julie Jeter

    Hi Meg, Is the Ascending into 5D webinar available for playback?


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