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Ascension Activations

Jun 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Now that June has arrived, we are moving into the annual alignment opposite the spinning vortex located in Sagittarius at the Galactic Center.  Today’s New Moon in Gemini opens the gateway to the powerful creative force that emanates from the black hole of the Milky Way. Envision a direct pathway opening to Source Force!

Gemini represents the two sides of dualism. Instead of engaging in the opposing forces of duality, we are evolving into a field of harmony. In a couple weeks the Solstice arrives at exact zero point position with the Galactic Center, launching the powerful solar events of 2019.

Currently the north/south nodes are holding court in Cancer and Capricorn – also representing the feminine and masculine aspects of life. There will be two eclipses in July at these nodes, accentuating any discord or divisiveness requiring attention. All points to unity consciousness!

Every year between the 26th of July and the 12th of August a new wave of Galactic Light from the Great Central Sun streams toward Earth in conjunction with the Rising of Sirius in the North. On August 8th the 8-8 Lion’s Gate opens the Infinity portal that propels you past all previous limitations. It is the symbol of expanding beyond your normal boundaries. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source streaming onto Gaia.

We are in the process of transfiguring our physical cells from carbon density into crystalline Light receptors. Open the space surrounding your atoms and fill with Light! When you expand and blend in harmony with the Field of Order at zero point, the atoms in your body begin to rearrange themselves into order. You are self-correcting the atomic structure from reptilian hybrid code to re-form in perfect order.

Imprinted in every cell of your body exists a record of your entire history on Earth. All past and potential future outcomes are encoded in the DNA, dormant and waiting for your attention. Tune into your genes and the essence of your Soul to discover the truth of your Being.

In this Wednesday’s New Earth broadcast I will include ascension activations to integrate the plasma light upgrades and the evolving dual-brain higher dimensional access. We will also work on decomposing the reptilian hybrid genetics and replace with divine human crystalline lineage.

Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we activate the Ascension codes. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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