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Ascension Timeline Coming Alive!

Jul 8, 2024 | 0 comments

While Blue Star Sirius rises with our Sun on the horizon, the field is alive with rising consciousness. We are currently traveling the path of illumination into personal and planetary Ascension. In the coming month the Family of Light is preparing us for this year’s powerful 888 LionsGate. We just passed the Sirian 77 gate, awakening a new level of integration with the future ascension timeline. We call them gateways, portals, thresholds, breakthroughs…each pass-through building on each other as we move forward. All lead to our destination, living our Soul’s incarnation in the ascension timeline.

Think of these gateways as energetic transformers, initiating rapid acceleration of core energy. These cosmic gateways are transforming us from the inside out! As the external ‘house of cards’ falls away, the internal structure is experiencing some stress. Allow the inner fragile constructs to either rebuild or drop out. If they no longer serve your highest good, bless them and let them go.This involves the release of old programs, patterns, beliefs and operating systems that no longer serve the greater good.  We are in the process of shifting away from running our energy in the lower ego mind, redirecting our focus and energy into the Higher Self mind. Imagine elevating your energy flow in the higher mind of peace, calm, confidence…knowing and creating your best life in every moment. This is life-changing!

Many of us come from a long lineage of gatekeepers. We come from the multiverse, from far distant homestars or dimensional realms. Each of you bring your unique contribution to activating the ascension timeline on Gaia. It is held within deep within your being, awakening within you. Originating from the angelic guardians, being a gatekeeper is deep within my blueprint. It presents an interesting perspective. I always see two realms at once – my physical mind sees the land around me, while my higher mind sees the etheric grid flux and galactic gates in and out of the earth plane. My Soul is involved with the formation and activation of the new future ascension timeline. Being called to Gaia’s root chakra in 2012, I’ve been actively cleaning up the gates and securing the new timeline at Mount Shasta.

Due to higher photonic/plasma light infusions during cosmic gateways, the carbon tetrahedral patterns of the body are shifting and adjusting to the resonant geomagnetic fields of Earth. The energy fields are responding to new stimulus of intelligence in the crystal tetrahedron. The new ascension timeline is lit up, new crystalline ascension gates activating at all the galactic entry/exit gates on Gaia.

Many souls have traveled far and wide to this solar system to bring new consciousness, systems and templates, innovative technology, and crystalline codes to Gaia. All souls on the planet are being awakened and activated through the infusion of crystalline light in the silica of their bodies. We are ingesting crystalline light into the mitochondria to convert into biofuel. Similar to photosynthesis, the silica transforms light into chemical energy to fuel the Light Body, refining the vessel for Soul presence.

It is a profound process to experience…each step taking us into higher and higher levels of Soul embodiment. The Shift is Here!

Lovingly, Meg


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