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Feb 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Drawing from past esoteric traditions, including Spiritualism, Theosophy, Mediumship/Channeling and Human Potential Movement, the New Age zeitgeist spread through western culture during the 1970-90’s. A new industry was born! Introducing the holistic view of mind, body, spirit – the ‘new thought’ movement opened doors to alternative health practices and the concept of the ‘actualized self’. The quest for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment attracted many disillusioned with organized religion and societal strictures.

A popular concept emerging out of the New Age movement is the path of Ascension into 5th dimensional quantum consciousness. For many, the first introduction to the 5th Dimension was a 60’s singing group that performed the 1969 medley Aquarius: Let the Sunshine In from the musical Hair.

“Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation”

As the New Age movement evolved into the Ascension movement since 2012, there has developed conflicting theories of human ascension into 5th dimension. Many believe ascension is rising out of the body, astral traveling, living beyond the 3D physical world. The evangelical Christian based New Agers see ascension as a human Rapture, rising off earth back to God. The UFO New Agers believe ET ships will lift them off the planet to safety.

The common theme is escape! I have never resonated with any of these theories, not quite embracing the New Age channeled messaging or fantastical predictions. It all felt rather ungrounded and desperate to me. If we are here to inspire and spread Love, why are we trying to leave? New Age always felt like it was missing a key component of spiritual evolution…the descension phase.

Yes, we are ascending into higher frequencies, higher consciousness, more expanded dimensional access. But this does not involve escaping the body, the physical life, or the planet. Ascension is not the process of splitting out and dissociating from life and your human self. From a more holistic perspective, perhaps a better descriptor would be Ascension:Descension.

As we rise higher into the realm of spirit, we connect with our Higher Self, our eternal divine Self. And in that moment of deep connection, we spiral down into the body in a splendor of sacred union. Ascension is a profound spiritual, mental, emotional and physical experience. It involves the unification of all aspects of our Being. It is the descent of the divine into the daily life experience.

By bridging the principles of Quantum Physics with Metaphysics, the ancient alchemy of Egyptian Mystery Schools and Metatron technology, I’ve developed an Ascension:Descension process called Quantum Access®. The technique will improve your personal health, wellbeing and spiritual evolution. You will learn how to access your portal to the quantum field and shift into the vertical quantum flow of life force.

‘The Ego is the veil between humans and God.’ – Rumi

As you move through the Ascension:Descension process, you are lifting your mind and body into higher frequency and balanced stillness, rising above the level of Ego will and control. When you use the Quantum Access® Activations, you are training your atoms to spin anticlockwise in increasing oscillation towards the speed of Light! This is the spin reversal required to Ascend out of 3D time compression and into 5D unity consciousness!

Your energy is changing in direction from the past to the future with the anticlockwise spin. The Quantum Access® modality is encoded to shift you into an expanded state of Pure Presence, so you can access all possibilities in the quantum field. Quantum Access® is the universal technology that provides the mechanics to accelerate and bend spacetime…expanding awareness beyond the physical world. As you reach more accelerated energy frequencies, you start to live and breathe and perceive the world from Pure Presence!

When you create zero point balance in the mind and heart, elevating the brainwaves to 24 hertz or higher, you can transcend the Ego personality, dissolve the veils of Ego. At this higher vantage point of Pure Consciousness, your heart is filled with joy and unconditional love – observing everything with detached compassion.

In the neutral null-zone of zero point, you merge the virtual-particle universe of Spirit into the particle universe of matter…creating balanced wholeness! Quantum Access® will transform the mind, body, spirit consciousness to gradually pulse at a higher frequency, now nourished by a new source of divine life force. When you use the powerful Quantum Access® Activations, you are creating a portal for the Soul to descend into the physical vessel, embodied in ONEness.

Lovingly, Meg


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