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Awaken from the Matrix

Jun 17, 2022 | 0 comments

It can be challenging to awaken from the Matrix during a societal collapse. We are witnessing the world exiting an old power system and migrating into the new earth operating system. While the old system gradually disintegrates, the establishment hardens and holds on. The control Matrix is designed to supply the top tier elite the majority of power, money and resources…but it is clearly unsustainable.

As you awaken from the Matrix power system, you will start to experience a shift in the mind, a new perspective. It is like looking through a new lens. The Matrix distortion filters will start to break apart and dissolve. Your mind will begin to release old Matrix programming, like removing software from a computer.

More and more discordant, chaotic energies will surface within you for clearing. Your mind will experience confusion and become more aware of internal mental blocks or barriers to Soul truth and knowing. The Matrix membranes (veils) of separation will feel frustrating. You will become conscious that there has been malicious interference running in the mind and in your life. Your mind will no longer be attracted to the control Matrix narrative.

Emotions will start to rise, be triggered, once you realize you have been controlled and manipulated.  You might start to experience paranoia, as persecution memories awaken within. The human ego will want to blame others. Do your best to resist this, you were born into a control Matrix. The ego wants to run the ‘victimization’ program. This is a setback. It is still the Matrix simulation perpetuating a world view run by elite power forces to harm you.

Many are drawn into cults and conspiracies at this stage of the awakening. Any conspiracies about a top-down hierarchy of dark hats, deep state, reptilian controllers that use bioweapons, takes your guns, poisons you, taxes your money, etc. – this is still Matrix programming. Remember the system is controlled by the top elite, so any narrative running this world view is still part of the Matrix programming. Most new agers are still caught in this trap.

Once you extract your energy, your ego, your mind, your energy field from the Matrix, you will begin to see the world thru a new lens, a new consciousness, a new reality, a new operating system that exists in unity consciousness. In the new earth system, no one has all the power, no one is trying to kill you off, no one is allowed to dominate or violate. It is a circular system of peace, harmony and co-existence. It does not feed or fuel conspiracies. You have reached the dimensional experience of flow, of support, of infinite possibilities, the return to quantum consciousness.

As you awaken from the Matrix, you have access to higher dimensional awareness and experiences. You are not leaving 3D or 4D, you are expanding to additional higher dimensional access. The new earth operating system encompasses multiple dimensions of existence. You may find yourself overlapping realities. For example: as you start to establish and maintain more self-care and healthy personal boundaries, you may also be healing core wounds or clearing dense trauma from the biofield. You will toggle back a forth between the two systems until you fully complete and disentangle from the Matrix.

During the Awakening stage, you start to take steps that raise your energy vibration, in every thought, action and deed. ​You consciously begin a spiritual practice of self-care and self-love with regular grounding, meditation, yoga, ‘live’ food, prayers, deep pranic breathing, toning, spending time in nature. You start to notice the inner imbalances, distortions, debilitating beliefs and behaviors that require attentive healing transformation.

As you awaken from the Matrix, you focus on clearing and removing all the artificial programming. I’ve been deprogramming clients for the past 25 years. I invite you to work with my Quantum Access® Protocols for removing Matrix veils and blockages, barriers, membranes of separation and debilitating programming. Go to:

Lovingly, Meg


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