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Balancing Equinox Activations

Sep 19, 2022 | 0 comments

We are entering the Equinox portal this week, exact on Thursday at 1:03 UTC, 6:03pm Pacific. The Equinox on September 22/23 (depending on time zone) occurs at 0° Libra, the sign of balanced scales, the equalizer of opposing forces. The annual Equinox gateway brings a balancing attunement to the field.

In the study of astrology, certain degrees are considered to hold greater meaning. 0° is considered a critical degree due to the potent nature of being at the beginning of the sign. For the Cardinal sign of Libra, the critical degree of 0 falls on the Equinox and the start of a new season. It is a zero point event on a cosmic scale.

When polarization neutralizes in zero point energy, we achieve perfect stillness. Not a ripple or chaotic disturbance in the field, but divine, calm balance. It is sublime! The gateway is waiting for us to gather and absorb, adjust and acquire inner balance. This week’s Libra Equinox portal provides safe haven, the quiet between the storm, the joy in the now. It is a time to celebrate not what pulls us apart, but what pulls us together.

We live in interesting times! The world is going thru a shift in operating systems. On a cellular level, quantum consciousness is altering the driving force of creation. No longer dominated by linear mental constructs and time density, the quantum mind opens, expands and enters a new domain, a grander perspective. We are evolving beyond the limits of time and primal impulses. We are becoming divine humans.

In ancient symbology, the triangle represents masculine, phallic, hierarchy. The circle symbolizes feminine, yoni, eternal cycle of creation. We are currently completing the dominant top-down pyramidal power system and shifting into the New Earth circular collaborative system.

As you segue into the new operating system, you are learning how to awaken, ignite and master the feminine, right brain, receptive nature lying dormant within. The feminine essence is leading the spiritual Renaissance. You are being called to let go of all hierarchical control and competition, so you can ease into the cosmic fluid feminine immersion. As you surrender to the feminine essence in the heart, filling with Soul presence, you embrace living in a circle, a community, a collective in unity consciousness.

This Friday we will gather together and step into the feminine anti-clockwise vortex, pulse in zero point balance, and activate more of the New Earth circle of life. Join me in the Libra Balancing Equinox Gateway for timely activations as we shift into quantum living.

Lovingly, Meg


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