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Celebrate 8 New Year of Dragon

Jan 26, 2024 | 0 comments

In just hours we will be celebrating the 8 New Year and upcoming Year of the Dragon in a global meditation on Saturday, January 27. The theme of 2024, an ‘8’ year, vibrates with empowerment, leadership, confidence and authority. This is the year to develop more personal power. Are you feeling in charge of your life and charged by your own inner Light? Are you ready to BE and BEAM your true self out to the world?

During an 8 year you will feel more inspired and motivated to take action in alignment with your inner essence and where your heart leads you. This is the year to pursue your dreams and goals. Reach higher, expand beyond past limits, explore new ideas and opportunities.

According to Numerologist, Christine DeLorey, “8 is the number of power, material and financial gain, achievement, reward, status, and satisfaction. The 8 Year vibration will provide the means – the personal power – with which to change the status quo and accomplish a significant goal that will alter the direction and quality of your journey.”

In Numerology 8 represents balance, stability, union and abundance. 8 is the symbol of infinity = ∞. It is the Weaver of enegies, looping back and forth, past, present and future. The center of Infinity ∞ establishes zero point coherence, the perfect stillness in the NOW. Zero point energy opens the portal where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. Wherever we apply the sacred geometry Infinity ∞, it activates the null-zone where physical and spiritual unite. Infinity ∞ evokes the energy of Equalizer wherever we apply it.

As you embody more and more Soul energy, the spiritual electrification of matter produces creative renewal, self-generating vitality, health and well-being. Through the Ascension Process you are becoming a Master of Centropy – the ability to transform matter from negative entropy (downward decay) into human Light Bodies. The ‘8’ year infuses the holo-field with empowering activations that ignite your Soul Pillar of Light.

All of existence originates as energy waves looping in coherence, storing quantum packets of electrical charge that materializes as physical matter (atoms). The order of the fractal-holographic universe resembles a field of infinite possibilities, pulsing in a wellspring at Infinity ∞ zero point. It repeats on all scales, from spiraling galaxies to quantum subatomic particles.

While spinning the Quantum Vortex, in the cosmic pulse of zero point energy, instruct past trauma and memory, limiting ancestral code and patterns to collapse and release. Dissolve away all remnants of suffering and open your heart to Soul essence. As you break the barrier of dense, magnetic overlay grids, your Soul descends into your body, heart, mind. You are in the process of becoming a divine human!

Not only is 2024 an ‘8’ year, in Chinese tradition it is the Year of the Wooden Dragon. In addition to the ‘8’ empowering influence, the Wooden Dragon symbolizes growth, transformation and exploration. The Dragon is a power symbol of leadership and protection. We will be working with these energies all year long. So let’s get started! Super-charge your Intentions for 2024! If you would like to participate in Saturday’s Global Activations, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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