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Mar 30, 2024 | 0 comments

What a wild ride we’re on! It feels like we are hurtling down white rapids towards the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries on April 8 at 3:35 p.m. EDT. Here in America, the ‘ring of fire’ path of total darkness will sweep northward from Mexico, Texas, all the way up to Canada. The path of totality intersects the solar eclipses of 2017 and 2021. Solar eclipses are celestial events that initiate new ideas, new perspectives, new beginnings and opportunities.

The 2024 eclipses fall on the Aries-Libra nodal axis, illuminating the spiritual journey from living as the ego self into becoming the Higher Self. As the world becomes more polarized, we are witnessing the emergence of two possible global operating systems. The choice is becoming clear – remain in the ancient Atlantean top-down Hierarchal-Patriarchal power system or transition into the universal circular, collaborative operating system. One system is ego-mind driven and the other is heart-centered focused.

Human beings also function within a hierarchical system, ruled by the less-developed, immature ego self. In order to merge with and become the Higher Self, you must dismantle the hierarchy of ego control within your body, heart, mind and aura. You are shifting into a new dynamic away from mental ego-driven will into heart-centered divine will.

The Solar Eclipse on April 8th, conjunct Mercury, Chiron, and the Lunar Nodes in Aries, is shining a spotlight on where we still need to dissolve the ego shadow self. As you dismantle and remove ego hierarchy ruling and controlling your life, you rise in higher frequencies. It becomes easier to live as the Higher Self, from a loving heart, in the new circular operating system. During this powerful 8 year, you have the extraordinary opportunity to shift into the heart-centered toroidal circular continuum.

Lovingly, Meg


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