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Craving More Balance?

Mar 13, 2023 | 0 comments

There is much fanfare for the upcoming Spring Equinox on March 20 and Pluto’s transit in Aquarius on March 23. You may be seeing an array of predictions from astrologers regarding Pluto in Aquarius. It is a big deal. Both of these events occur at zero degrees, a powerful hinge point. The Equinox on March 20 is 0° Aries, the start of a new season and new horoscope cycle, while Pluto moving into 0° Aquarius, initiates the start of a new era.

In the study of astrology, certain degrees are considered to hold greater meaning. 0° is considered a critical degree due to the potent nature of being at the beginning of the sign. It is a zero point event on a cosmic scale. It is the pregnant pause between what is completing and the birth of new possibilities.

When polarization neutralizes in zero point energy, we achieve perfect stillness. Not a ripple or chaotic disturbance in the field, but divine, calm balance. It is sublime! These threshold points or gateways provide the fertile potency to influence the field. When we ascend into higher threshold resonance, our world reality expands into more complex consciousness.

Often referred to as the ‘Great Turning of the Wheel’, the Equinox Gateway opens the dimensional door, when day and night are equal. Next Monday’s Aries Equinox portal provides a balance point, a safe haven, the quiet between the storm, the joy in the now. It is a time to celebrate not what pulls us apart, but what pulls us together.

Three days later, Pluto enters the Aquarian Age. Being a slow-moving transit, Pluto will remain at zero degrees Aquarius for some time, retrograding from May 1 – June 23, 2023, and then moving forward again. Zero degrees represents pure zodiacal energy, it sets the energetic impulse of that sign strongly. In humanitarian Aquarius, Pluto explores the themes of liberty, equality, of common causes and eliminating privilege for one group or person above another. During Pluto’s transit we will see a new society emerge. These cosmic shifts take us into a new realm, a new container of Light.

Now that Saturn has moved into Pisces, it is time to clean up and clear away all the illusions, delusions and paranoia that spread like wildfire the past three years. Were you swept up in the frenzy? Did the pandemic trigger latent fears of victimization or apocalyptic flashbacks? While Saturn churned in Aquarius, did it rock your world? Did it ignite any unhealed Atlantean trauma? Were you laid bare? Saturn in Pisces reminds you it is time to come back into your body, land on earth and clear the muddle in the mind. The cosmic message is to clean up the mess, purify the vessel, merge with Spirit. We are ascending into becoming Divine Humans.

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Lovingly, Meg

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