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Dual Brain Timelessness

May 11, 2019 | 0 comments

I just recently joined a large group of talented Lightworkers/New Earth Emissaries in Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge to celebrate Beltaine, May Day, and perform ley line activations. The entire week was beyond miraculous! When the call came last year to be at Stonehenge on Beltaine, it set in motion a series of actions that led to gathering a group in London for the adventure of a lifetime. The gridworkers are stepping up and repairing the global grid, healing earth chakra sites and anchoring the New Earth hologram into the earth plane.

While staying in Glastonbury (heart chakra of Gaia) I experienced a massive heart expansion and overflowing Love for all creation. The flow of Love was continual and noticeable. This is our objective in creating the New Earth. I was guided to do quite a bit of weaving between Glastonbury’s heart chakra and Mt. Shasta’s root chakra to secure more Love in Gaia’s earth plane. This is part of the gridworkers mission to embody heaven on earth.

I was also guided to spend several hours in the Magdalene Chapel across the street from the Glastonbury Abby. Locking onto the Magdalene ley line in the Chapel, my merkaba torus spun up and transmissions of magnificent Divine Feminine lineage flowed into the global gridwork. While visiting the Abby I laid in the grass on the intersection of the Michael and Mary ley lines and absorbed the powerful energies. We are seeding a new reality here for future earth beings in Unity Consciousness.

Many in the group had past-life flashbacks of Avalon incarnations and some triggered persecution of the Magdalene lineage came up for healing. We are rising out of the dark history of persecution and enslavement. The past trauma is surfacing for clearing and healing. While at Avebury stones the Joan of Arc persecution was palpable, calling for more transmutation/purification of the Magdalene lineage.

The final day culminated at Stonehenge and Beltaine on May 1st. As soon as we stepped off the tram and walked up to the sacred stones, my body started to shake, feeling over-electrified and nauseous. Stonehenge is an active portal, as the stones create a frequency generator of much higher octaves. I had to get my feet on the grass and start grounding the energy surge to eliminate the shaking nausea.

Metatron appeared and activated Metatron’s Cube in the global grid beneath Stonehenge. A massive merkaba slowly appeared inside the stone circle. Our group of alchemists streamed powerful gamma light from the galactic center into the Stonehenge portal. Contributing to all the amazing work already performed by grid groups and energy healers/shamans before us, we worked on securing the 5D New Earth hologram to the ley line zero point in the Stonehenge portal.

During the week in Glastonbury I began to notice I was functioning completely out of time. Due to faster frequencies and gravitational field alterations at earth chakra vortexes, stone circles and ley line intersections, I experienced time dilation. The field pulsed in wholeness, not disconnection. My left brain struggled to lock onto time, as I floated in ether.

In visions I saw the Time Matrix crumbling, breaking apart, loosening the lockdown on brain capacity. The synchronization of left-right brain is in process, enabling simultaneous dual brain activity. It can be a bit awkward and may require adjustments. We are learning how to live outside the constraints of time compression and being present in all time/no time with full dimensional access. I did find I needed to adjust my grounding so that dual feet magnets anchor and stream light upwards to crisscross at core center and link to dual brains.

While time dilation occurs, energy hot spots (earth vortexes, stone circles, pyramids, etc) vibrate outside of linear time sequence. This phenomena will spread as the 5D New Earth hologram becomes more populated. Current signs of time dissolution are evident in internet virtual reality programs and diverse post-facts conspiracies. When engaged with virtual reality, dip your finger or toe in it, don’t pull it into your field. Dip in, test it out, then pull back out. Otherwise you can get lost in it.

Dual brain capacity enhances our ability to be actively present in all dimensions at the same time. Humanity has the opportunity to evolve into multi-dimensionality as long as they don’t get stuck in artificial virtual reality programs. The key is to align with what resonates with your Soul essence vibration. This is your true Soul path. Nothing else will feel like home.

As the Time Matrix unlocks and disintegrates, the world is morphing into a Free Will society. Your outer reality will reflect the true nature of your conscious choices and actions. You are evolving into living as a conscious creator! The world is your canvas and you are the painter. How do you envision your Soul life and purpose to be? The upcoming Full Flower/Blue Moon provides a fertile space for creative endeavors.

This month’s full moon arrives on Saturday, May 18th at 27° Scorpio. Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we create our New Earth. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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