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Eclipse Season is Coming

Mar 31, 2023 | 0 comments

This spring we are blessed with two Aries New Moons, the first at 0° Aries occurred on March 21 and the 2nd as a New Moon Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29°52′ Aries on April 20. The ultra-rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse is a combination of a total and annular eclipse, when the moon’s shadow falls on the Earth, partially blocking the sun’s rays and creating a beautiful ring of fire around the moon. 2023 is destined for significant global change, with major shifts occurring on both the individual as well as the collective level.

2023 already feels like a rocket ship blazing through space, braving new frontiers, new realms of consciousness. This cosmic energy is shaking everything loose, unlocking lifetimes of oppression and limitation. We are rising above the clouds, piercing the veil, exploding into the brilliant solar waves, bathing in shimmering Light. As the dense energy layers drop away, we can touch, sense, feel the immortal Self, the divine Self. It is an extraordinary time to be alive on planet earth.

With two lunar cycles in Aries, there is an influx of fiery boldness, self-assertiveness, grabbing hold of new life opportunities. This is the year to go big and bold! The Aries Solar Eclipse catalyzes the energy of reinventions, awakenings, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. The sun is exalted in Aries, imbuing a new sense of Self, deeply embedded with your Soul template of divinity. It is a time to commit to your spiritual practice. The theme of Aries New Moon Eclipse involves self-discovery, breaking free and renewed independence.

With so much shaking and breaking loose, it requires processing time to adjust and adapt. Envision your container of Light expanding and filling with more divine essence. Keep stretching your capacity to embody Soul presence. You are not only adjusting to the expanding energies in your body, but the mind is also adjusting to this new paradigm, the new Aquarian era. It is a lot to take in!

Embrace all this new energy flowing through you. Make sure to carve out some self-care time for meditation, grounding and deep breathing, as your bioenergetics upgrade and expand. You may feel like you are being born again. It may feel like you reached the crossroads, being nudged into a new direction in life. You are starting a fresh chapter in your earthly incarnation.

Eclipses typically come in pairs. The 2nd Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs at 14°52’ Scorpio on the Wesak full moon on May 5.  Wesak celebrates the day that Buddha was born, the day he was enlightened, and the day that he passed away. This Eclipse tangles with Uranus in Taurus, heightening surprises and sudden changes. The theme of Scorpio Lunar Eclipse involves power struggles, sensual expansion and expression, life-altering decisions.

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Lovingly, Meg



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