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Enter Eclipse Portal May 26

May 19, 2021 | 0 comments

During the month of May, we are blessed with three pass-throughs of the 555 Gateway Activation (5/5, 5/14 and 5/23). In numerology ‘5’ is a master number of Change, Freedom and Progress. The 555 Ascension codes have been extremely impactful this month. Stepping into the powerful 555 Gateway Activations will awaken more of your Ascension codes for building your Soul’s life in the New Earth Timeline.

These 555 Ascension codes launch the 2021 upgrades with two eclipses on May 26th and June 10th, the Solstice Gateway on June 20th and the 8:8 LionsGate on August 8th. The Wesak Blood Moon Total Eclipse at 5º Sagittarius on May 26th aligns with the galactic center – the Source field of creation. This cosmic event reverberates with zero point potential, a spiritual midwife for your Ascension life.

Eclipses are evolutionary gateways that initiate unpredictable change in a short time. Occurring during a ‘5’ year (2021) while Uranus is in Taurus, we can expect surprising twists and turns as sudden change ripples throughout the planetary field. The old earth timeline is collapsing under the pressure of the higher dimensional New Earth Timeline. As we heal, clear and transmute inner trauma, we make room for our sacred cup to fill with more Love, Joy, Abundance and Soul presence.

With the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius, we tap into zero point energy at the galactic center. The 12:12 Sagittarius Eclipse in 2020 anchored the global pandemic reset for the New Earth Timeline to take hold. As the old earth systems morph and change, you are learning how to use your expanding potential. 2021 is the Year of Change!

Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world for the Wesak Lunar Eclipse Global Activations on Wednesday, May 26 at 12:00pm Pacific Time. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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