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Equinox Reset

Mar 14, 2020 | 1 comment

A major theme of 2020 involves the evolving/devolving power structures within yourself and in the global community. We are being stimulated and triggered to review and reclaim our inner power source…to break free from ego control and align with authentic Soul power (Light). As you continue to spiral upwards in light frequency, your energy field transforms into the home for Soul embodiment.

On Thursday, March 19th the powerful Equinox Gateway initiates a ‘Zero Point Reset’ to the original divine human template and crystalline DNA activations. The Equinox occurs the moment the SUN crosses the celestial equator, equal distance between North and South poles. As the Equinox Gateway opens, the strongest surge of crystalline diamond Light is flooding into Gaia’s planetary field.

The annual Equinox is a sacred moment when all stands still in the balance of opposites. It is the balance point between Light and Dark. During cosmic zero point moments, we experience a ‘day out of time’ phenomenon. It is a potent field to magnetize the New 5D Earth. Zero is the energy of infinite possibilities and instills very potent balancing.

The zero point Equinox is reshuffling timelines – dissolving those timelines harmful to you, to the human race and to the planet. Since the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, the global system has been under tremendous strain. This is a planetary wakeup call!

The 2020 astrology initiated a deep restructuring within the core of our being, triggering a world-wide reset in the direction for Gaia and humanity. During 2020 Jupiter the magnifier is forming a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn who rules pandemics, illuminating the real pandemic is fear! We are learning how to master our emotions instead of allowing fear to control us.

Additionally, the Lunar Nodes square Chiron emphasize karmic resolution. As time speeds up, all karmic debt spirals back to sender. Accountability has arrived at planet earth! We cannot escape our karmic history. All unsustainable systems, like the falling stock market, cannot survive without external manipulation. Under any pressure, like a global pandemic, the ‘house of cards’ reveals a collapsing system.

2020 is the year of physical transformation. The zero point decomposition is transforming us from the inside-out! This could be challenging for the body, as outdated code, patterns, and programming are being updated with photon-infused consciousness. Take care of your physical health during this extraordinary reset point occurring at the molecular level.

Focus your intentions on more Soul embodiment and divine abundance as your natural state of being. One of the greatest lessons of these times is to shift your consciousness from lack and fear to Soul-magnetized abundance and joy. There is deep karmic completion taking place that is freeing us from the collective cycle of polarization and moving us closer to abundance for all.

Within the collapse/expansion dynamic of the vacuum void, it is our moment to shift the world in a new direction. We are witnessing a powerful Equinox Gateway that initiates a zero point reset for rapid physical transformation. Step into the galactic Equinox Stargate and fulfill your Soul mission as a New Earther.

During Thursday’s global meditation we will work in the planetary field to cleanse and purify the viral toxins, emotional trauma and survival fear. We will not allow any Armageddon timelines to anchor in the earth plane. All Lightworkers are here to establish a Sovereign planet and 5D human race.

Join other Star Beings and Gridworkers from all around the world, as we gather on Thursday, March 19th to broadcast our Equinox Gateway Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, click here:


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    Acredito que no Brasil, não há quem CREIA/CONFIE na chegada do GESARA mais que eu… Este RESET inclui o financeiro neste AGORA ?
    O Sistema Global sob tensão…Percebe-se mais o TERROR monetário sobrepondo os cuidados com A VIDA HUMANA .Quando ela diz :“Entre no Portal Estelar Galáctico do Equinócio e cumpra sua missão de Alma como um Novo ETERNO.” De modo prático, como podemos faze-lo ? ~GRATA , sou por encaminhar ” entendimento possível’ a esta questão.


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