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Evolutionary Pause

Apr 18, 2020 | 0 comments

As a Quantum Healer, I’m always looking for revealing patterns that lead to the root cause. Repeating patterns in life provide valuable data, clues to underlying issues that require attention and resolution. During this global evolutionary pause, many souls are awakening from the deep sleep of amnesia and disconnection from Soul presence. Upon awakening, you start to experience self-reflection instead of self-projection. You begin to ‘Observe’ your life as witness to your thoughts, emotions, behavior, fears and patterns, blocks and distortions.

When you start to see your life as a mirror reflection of your inner condition, only then can you own it and start to transform it. This engages a new inner dialogue that analyzes life events with the intent to investigate thoroughly all aspects of the hidden subconscious. Your outer reality mirrors the inner emotional charge for transmutation. If you are being triggered there is still some emotional charge of victim programming to heal. While the world is shut down, this is a rare opportunity to get quiet, to meditate and journal, to connect with nature and spend time in self-reflection.

As you observe what works and doesn’t work in your life, focus on any debilitating patterns and imbalances that occur. Sit quietly, feeling into the disturbance…ask what it needs for resolution. Resist indulging the ego’s desire to “feel wronged” or the obsessive revenge to balance the imagined offense with “getting back” at the offender…that includes conspiracies! Take responsibility for all that occurs in your reality, knowing it reflects where you are still polarized and out-of-balance. In order to ascend into higher dimensional living, you need to break free of the Victim/Persecutor Cycle!

During the ascension process there occurs DNA/consciousness upgrades, which trigger internal clearings of old density. This includes healing and cleansing on both the physical and spiritual levels. The ascension process is the Soul’s liberation from the recurring cycle of karmic reincarnation, breaking free of the karmic trap of duality. It is a mystical moment where all souls can rapidly accelerate their awakening, evolution and liberation.

When LIGHT is alive and activated in the holographic mind, our visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying the Light with them. Photon Light is the carrier of consciousness, the intelligent information that particulates into physical matter.  The reflective mirror effect of the universal hologram provides pictures stored in the morphic field of all that has happened in the world, flashing like images on a screen. All of our history is still alive in the energy body and auric field.

As the world is on pause, we are witnessing Gaia self-heal with cleaner air and water. It is easier now to envision the sacred 5D Garden of Eden coming alive! In a similar manner, we must self-heal so we can unite in harmony with beloved Gaia and her nature kingdoms. A toxic world undermines our true potential. All must return to harmony and balance with universal rhythms. When we join together in united focus and coherent heart, we influence the collective consciousness with new focus, priorities and systems. We are the New Earth Emissaries!

We are the Light Bearers, the Gridworkers and Earth Angels! Join other Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on Saturday, April 25th for our Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, click here:




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