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February Cosmic Events

Feb 1, 2024 | 0 comments

As we move deeper into Aquarian energies, the 222 gateway is active between February 2nd through February 22nd. This month’s cosmic events act as threshold gates between the dissolving past and the forming future. In Numerology, ‘2’ represents MOTHER. A triple 2 number sequence introduces a level of divine feminine energy not seen in modern civilization. As we evolve beyond the past ‘1’ millennium of masculine hierarchy, the 2000’s are encoded to launch the new ‘2’ millennium, establishing more feminine balance in the world.

Here is the lineup of February’s cosmic events:

  • The Celtic pagan festival of Imbolc occurs on February 2
  • 222 activated on February 2 – Gateway Activations on 2/22
  • The New Moon at 20° Aquarius arrives February 9
  • The Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon celebrated on February 10
  • Venus conjunct Mars at 5° Aquarius on February 21 – ignite passion!

The Celtic festival of Imbolc (Saint Brigid’s Day) held on the eve of February 1st till the eve of February 2nd, is associated with fertility and the seeds of spring. Imbolc means ‘in the belly of the Mother’, and symbolizes a time of deep inner work, where the seeds of enormous breakthroughs can be sown.

Pluto in Aquarius rules friends, groups and communities. It is individualistic, assertive, independent, humanitarian, inventive, eccentric, opinionated, intellectual, and idealistic.  The New Moon of Aquarian Water Bearer washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start.

The sacred 222 Gateway is active between February 2 – 22nd, initiating a powerful time of sacred feminine aspects of Divine Mother, Mother Nature and the High Priestess. Our 222 Gateway Activation on February 22 provides a Triple 2 Trifecta of pure creational feminine force infusion!

The Chinese New Year falls on February 10 in the year of the Wood Dragon – which combines the qualities of the Dragon, such as courage, charisma and leadership, with the qualities of the Wood element, such as flexibility, generosity and cooperation.

2024 is an ‘8’ year of personal empowerment, abundance and achievement. I will be focusing much of my time and energy teaching Quantum Access in coming Webinars and Retreats. My first Webinar of the year will be on Wednesday, February 21st – Torus Light Body Activations. Let’s quantum leap to the next level of Ascenson!

Lovingly, Meg


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