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From Chaos to Calm

Jun 24, 2024 | 0 comments

When we exist in a constant state of Separation, our energy disconnects from spirit, from intuition, from knowing Self. Living in disconnection and isolation, the world feels chaotic, threatening and unstable. In this constant state of fragmentation and dissociation, our outer reality mirrors and reflects our inner chaos. It is an unsafe state of being to live in.

I lived in this fear-filled state for so long, it was all I knew. That is until my spiritual awakening happened in 1994. In that stark moment of clarity, I realized my inner chaos was something I could change. It was manageable. My inner condition was my responsibility. I had the power to influence my own energy in a positive way.

For the past 30 years I’ve perfected a method to erase chaos and instill peace, calm and joy. By following specific steps, I learned how to dissolve the barriers of Separation and build inner spiritual connection. I discovered how to neutralize inner chaos and create an energy container of safety, comfort and ease.

This did not happen overnight! It required practice, strengthening my inner core presence, developing spiritual muscle, fine-tuning my inner senses. It is the path of spiritual mastery! Just as you invest time, dedication and practice at the gym, you devote that same purpose and intent to your spiritual/psychic development. It improves every step of the way!

You hold the power within you. I encourage you to dig for gold inside. The way out of chaos exists beyond the barriers. You don’t have to wait any longer…the technique to dissolve and drop the barriers of Separation is available. All it takes is applying the technique every morning before you start your day. Set your day in motion, not in chaos, but in zero point balance. It can be life-changing!

Lovingly, Meg

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