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Global Activations April 25th

Apr 24, 2020 | 0 comments

As the world is on pause, we have a rare opportunity to influence the direction of human evolution. The pause between the past and the future is called the Now Moment…a potent zero point state of pure creation. While in this pause, all life on the planet is experiencing massive healing activations at the molecular level. We are witnessing Gaia self-heal with cleaner air and water. We also must self-heal as we ascend into higher quantum consciousness.

The pandemic is flushing up from the unconscious depths hidden trauma and unresolved conflict dating back to the collapse of the Atlantean civilization. This all needs to be acknowledged, nurtured and transmuted so we can ascend beyond. In quantum healing it is important to identify the original ‘root cause’ for healing and clearing, otherwise it continues to repeat itself. In the same manner, we need to heal and transmute the traumatic Atlantean timeline or it may repeat again.

I’m seeing in client sessions active cellular memory of survival fear and panic due to past lives during plague, famine or the ‘Great Depression’ food shortages. As we work with the triggered energies, we liberate ourselves from an oppressive history. An interesting data point was communicated about the nature of viruses. They seek a host to survive in an ancient parasitic system dating back to the Orion wars. As we activate our Freedom Codes, we are cancelling any agreement to participate as a Host to parasites.

We are in the process of ascending into higher dimensional realities. So much has released in the field, that Metatron requested we meet again for another global meditation this month. We will work on these healing issues, past-life traumas, cancelling ancient agreements and clear oppression. If you would like some extra assistance, this global meditation will provide deep healing treatment and planetary transformation.

We are on the brink of a new era. When we gather in mass meditation, we form a united ‘Group Mind’ of intent and purpose. This is the power of a conscious mind. In Saturday’s global meditation we will focus on healing and integrating the 444 Gateway upgrades and massive awakening in progress. These activations include both a personal healing treatment as well as fulfilling our mission to assist Gaia in planetary activations.

We are the Light Bearers, the Gridworkers and Earth Angels! Join other Star Beings from all around the world, as we gather on Saturday, April 25th for our Global Activations. The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, click here:




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