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Global Reconstruction

Jul 15, 2020 | 1 comment

With so much astro-activity involving Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn this year, we’re witnessing a global reconstruction of society’s systems, structures and institutions. So many areas of life that we took for granted are being replaced with some new action, innovation or solution…initiating many positive alternatives while others contract or constrict us. For example: working from home cleared up pollution, reduced traffic and lowered gas prices. But not all responses have been with the ‘highest good’ in mind for all.

As the current system teeters on the precipice of survival, the cracks are being exposed. The global pandemic has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of different operating systems around the world. Pluto/Saturn bring the wrecking ball to corruption and injustice. Those countries built on slavery, genocide and colonialism are floundering…we are experiencing the collapse of US/UK world dominance.

Those who embrace unity consciousness will fair much better during a pandemic and system reset than those hanging onto ego-dominant behaviors and actions. Those abusing power ignore the clues that reform is essential for survival. Despite massive public protests opposing greed and injustice, there continues a significant ‘disconnect’ between the ruling elite and the populace. The reluctance to reform will be the undoing of the US/UK colonial outreach. A dying regime can no longer pay for their massive military or subsidize Israel or prop up the oil industry, etc.

The only way forward to survive climate changes, pandemics and declining civilizations is unity consciousness. We must stand together or we forever fall. For example: If the food supply falters, we’ll need to band together and form local community gardens. If the world bank banishes cash and resets to digital currency, we’ll need to create local community currencies. As a society, we can no longer survive in self-absorption or individualism vs. connection and compassion.

Since 2012 the solar system entered the galactic photon band and the arrival of new light consciousness. The photonic plasma infusions are altering the planet’s electrical-magnetic field, creating massive climate change and altering the human brain/DNA. The global community is experiencing a quantum shift from left-brain dominance into a right brain/feeling state. The shifts in polarity are increasing the feminine qualities of compassion, artistic expression, intuition, multi-dimensionality, imagination, and receptivity.

2020 is the year of physical ascension. It is the meeting point of spirituality and physical embodiment. 2020 initiates the cosmic blueprint of a united human race. Those who insist on ‘personal freedom’ at the expense of global health and wellbeing will become outcasts. Ascension is a unifying process. We are piecing ourselves back together again…from centuries of egoic separation. Not only do we become whole beings, but our global community becomes whole again as well.

Reinforcing this cosmic message of union is the spectacular visit of Comet Neowise streaking across the sky, a harbinger of new consciousness. Neowise is reminding us that we have a choice – resist reform and suffer demise or quantum shift into unity consciousness. Will we hang onto a dying egoic system or open our heart and mind in embrace of a new paradigm? Comet Neowise is shining the light on a holistic solution…we are interconnected with the entire universe. This is our moment to shine as well!

We are still integrating the ascension upgrades from 3 powerful eclipse gateways, as we move closer to the 8:8 Lionsgate in August. It may feel like you are being pushed through the eye of the needle, as you rise out of the 3D operating system. Take this time to let go of all dense, emotional attachments to the past.

By tuning into the harmonic frequency of Soul Presence within a logarithmic spiral, you can re-establish internal order, balance and stability − while metabolizing waves of crystalline photonic light at the cellular level. The powerful 8:8 Superwave of Light helps transform physical dense matter into crystalline plasma particles…activating the Light Body for Soul Embodiment. I will be teaching a webinar on Crystal Light Body Activations this Saturday, July 18th – register here:

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for the powerful 8:8 Lionsgate Activations on Saturday, August 8th. We will perform healing activations and global intentions in unity consciousness during our Lionsgate gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®
Photo by Jasman Lion Mander, Mt. Shasta, CA

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