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Goddess Grace & Blessings

Feb 16, 2023 | 0 comments

This coming Wednesday, February 22nd initiates an emersion in magical ‘2’ energy. In Numerology, 2 symbolizes Divine Mother, the element of water, emotions, and intuition. 2 being the most feminine of all numbers, 2/22 opens the gateway for a powerful Goddess infusion. Be it Athena, Hathor, Diana, Shakti, Isis, Sophia or Magdalene, to name a few, this is a very rare moment in time to receive an extraordinary wave of Goddess grace and blessings.

In tarot, the 2nd Arcana card represents the High Priestess of hidden talents, mystery and spiritual wisdom. This is a call to align with your divine purpose and soul mission. 22 is the symbol of the Master Alchemist. 22 inspires us to think BIG, on a global scale, innovative ideas that benefit the greater good. Let’s join AA Metatron in this auspicious 222 gateway and alchemize a world of peace and love.

The repeating number 2 sequence indicates a fertile field for seeds to grow and manifest. 222 ushers in positive vibrations for dreams, visions, intentions and life goals. 222 emphasizes the Divine Mother essence of unconditional love, compassion, safety and security. Next Wednesday we are in for a rare treat of expansive Goddess infusion.

The Goddess returns in all her glory! As we gather together in sacred space in the 222 Gateway, we welcome the Goddess blessings and benevolence into our being. Step into the Goddess emersion and plant your seeds for 2023 and beyond.

Join other Light Beings and visiting Starseeds for the 222 Gateway Activations. Travel to your Soul’s original homestar and connect with your unique home starlight. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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