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Grand Equinox-Eclipse Reset

Mar 4, 2024 | 0 comments

The snow has been coming down these early days of March, bringing with it yearnings for warmer Spring days. As the bright golden daffodils rise above the snow cover, all of Nature prepares for the coming Vernal Equinox on March 19/20 (depending on time zone). This Equinox occurs at 0° Aries, launching the start of a new season and new 12-month astrological cycle. Often referred to as the ‘Great Turning of the Wheel’, the March Equinox initiates an energetic reset, a ‘new cosmic year’ of grand transformation.

In the study of astrology, certain degrees are considered to hold greater meaning. 0° is considered a critical degree due to the potent nature of being at the beginning of the sign. It is a zero point event on a cosmic scale. When polarization neutralizes in zero point energy, we achieve perfect stillness. Not a ripple or chaotic disturbance in the field, but divine, calm balance. It is sublime! The gateway is waiting for us to gather and absorb, adjust and acquire inner balance. The coming Equinox portal provides safe haven, the quiet between the storm, the joy in the now. It is a time to celebrate not what pulls us apart, but what pulls us together.

When the Equinox occurs, the Sun is exactly above the Equator, so day and night are of equal length. In the northern hemisphere, as daylight starts increasing, the Spring Equinox represents the path of illumination, new life, new beginnings, and planting seeds. All major planets are in direct motion now, an opportune time to launch new ideas, new projects and positive actions.

Find your balance, maintain your inner zero point calm! For Eclipse Season arrives on the tail of the Equinox, at the Aries/Libra nodal axis. Eclipses come in pairs, with the first Eclipse of 2024 occurring on March 24/25. It is a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse at 5° Libra, inspiring us to bring our relationships back into balance and harmony. On April 8th a Solar New Moon Eclipse at 19° Aries will pass across US/Canada from SW to NE in a diagonal path over the Great American eclipse of August 2017 that went NW to SE.

As many of you know, the Eclipse/Equinox combo always packs a punch, so do what you can to rest and build stamina. It will be a heightened 2 weeks of personal and planetary activations, upgrades and shifts into a higher field of consciousness. Do what you can to spin your energy up higher during this time.

I will be leading quantum Global Activations during the March/April cosmic events to initiate forward progress and influence the field with Love. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to activate more Soul connection and embodiment. Join other Light Beings and Wayshowers for our Equinox-Eclipse Activations on Tuesday, March 19. Sign up here:

Lovingly, Meg


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