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Healing Shadow Self Course & Webinar

Mar 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Drawing from my personal healing process and working with thousands of clients the past 25 years, I’ve developed a comprehensive Self-Study Course on Healing Shadow Self. It is available now at my Quantum Access® Academy.
Healing Shadow Self Course will teach you the steps to:
* Identify hidden aspects, ego persona, human fragments, stuck trauma and pain for healing
* Clear and remove unconscious programming, core wounding, ancestral patterning and sabotaging behavior
* Discover the root cause of addictions – break free of Codependency, symbiotic relationships, and escapism
* Learn how to replace ego unconscious with Soul’s superconsciousness
* Spin in the timeless Quantum Vortex to trace the symptom, condition or distorted shadow, pattern and root cause, to clear out the entire network throughout all time
* Learn how to master the lower magnetic drag of ego personality, fear, judgment, and separation – maintain a higher frequency state of inner calm, an open heart, forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others. From this exalted state, you are now capable of living an authentic expression of your Soul truth, gifts and destiny.
Healing Shadow Self Course includes:
Healing Shadow Self Course eBook Training Manual
Healing Shadow Self Course WorkBook of Protocols
Healing Shadow Self Course Video Training
Healing Shadow Self Course 3 Audio Activations
Within the sacred spiral of life, Quantum Access® brings all shadow into the alchemical Light!
There are 3 options you can choose from to get started on transforming Shadow into Light!
Self Study Course:
$144 now $122 (On Sale thru March 30, 2022)
Healing Shadow Self Webinar:
March 30th at 12pm PDT $75
Zoom Webinar will include clearing Protocols, ‘Live’ Activations, plus Q&A with class. Webinar will be recorded for all who register.
Healing Shadow Self Course & Webinar Package:
$219 now $155 (On Sale thru March 30, 2022)
Sale Package includes Self-Study Course and ‘Live’ Zoom Webinar on March 30th
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