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Heart Awakening

Jun 3, 2024 | 0 comments

Since I returned from my spiritual retreat in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Gaia, I’ve been immersed in heart healing, clearings and energetic upgrades. It has taken me on a journey of completion, a cycle ending, ancestral genetic lineage dissolving and then subsequent activation of my Soul’s timeline. As the dense layers unlock and release, it provides a moment of calm, of clarity, a new awareness. It is an upleveling into the Higher Self mind, that sees all, knows all, conceives and creates all.

The cosmic transits of stars, planets and brilliant solar waves sweep you into higher access, beyond the energetic membranes blanketing the lower mind. On May 25th, 2024, Jupiter, the planet of amplification, magnification and expansion, entered airy Gemini, the sign of information, learning and communicationAs the denser veils dissolve away, the quantum field reveals all possible future outcomes. 

During the next year, Jupiter in Gemini expands your desire to collect, process, and share information, seeking mental stimulation and inspiration. Expect the collective mind to be alive and active in new communication forums and mediums. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself deep-diving into new areas of knowledge, more curious, seeking deeper understandings of esoteric ideas.

As the holographic mind looks at all possible outcomes, the brain state selects a particular channel and all possibilities ‘collapse’ into that single state of reality. While Jupiter ignites Gemini, harness the power of your focus, your thoughts, your visions, your dreams and desires. While spinning in the timeless quantum vortex, your future actions, choices, and possibilities can be ‘backward’ influenced to change your present. This is achieved when the mind first sets the future outcome including all chain of events, combined with the heart’s magnetic attraction that will pull it ‘backward’ in time.

When you combine focused intention with mental coherence, you can ‘power up’ to peak intensity in the quantum field with greater success of manifestation. You become a conduit of universal abundance pulsing alive within our healed heart center! You become the focused magnetizer and receiver of your abundant reality.

All physical matter in the universe is converted patterns of energy. Due to the infinite vastness of energy in the universe, personal abundance is potentially limitless as well. The more you are open to receive the infinite potential that exists in the quantum field, the more abundance you will manifest in your timeline. Your ability to live as an open channel of universal energy enhances your capacity as a ‘conduit’ of prosperity flowing in.

Deep core wounding may be limiting the heart’s capacity to receive Love, support and prosperity. The inflow of abundance is directly related to your ability to receive. If the heart is wounded, blocked, guarded and distrustful, the inflow of abundance is greatly reduced or non-existent.

A quantum mindset recognizes that abundance is infinite and available to all living beings. The universe has infinite energy…there is no lack. You can source yourself, fed and filled with internal life force that fuels your creative magnetism in the quantum field. The flow of abundance and support is directly linked to your conscious intentions and open ‘receptive’ joy in your healed heart

Lovingly, Meg

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