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Holographic Mind

Oct 14, 2020 | 0 comments

I have always been fascinated by the power of the holographic mind and the human ability to transcend the physical realm, to instantaneously shift into the imaginary world of cognitive visualization. Not only can we imagine an entirely different reality in our mind, but the body responds to that virtual reality as if it is ‘real’.

Astonishingly, the brain cannot distinguish between an imagined experience or an actual physical experience…the mirror neurons in the brain act in similar fashion whether we are the observer or the participant. The body responds the same to both experiences. Human beings are wired for empathy.

The human organism is designed to particulate matter according to the exchange of information streaming in through photon (light) molecules. Human DNA uses photon light frequencies as an information tool for intercellular communication.  Within the brain there are millions of neurons (nerve cells) that communicate with each other at synapses through neurotransmitters.

As the human mind converts transmissions from the universal hologram, it fires neurons in harmony (in phase) called a “binding” process. Consciousness travels from our brain through a complex network of neural pathways to the receptor sites in our cells simultaneously through the entanglement of sub-atomic particles and the wave quality of photon light.

As a quantum healer, I use the power of this entrainment bonding in distance-healing with my clients. When two or more minds mutually focus on a singular purpose, no matter where we live, our brain waves began to mimic and match and our bodies experience identical sensations. We create ‘group coherence’ when we join together and form a ‘united mind’ in our global activations.

Olympic athletes have introduced meditation visualization in their training practice, strengthening their physical stamina by envisioning the entire race from start to finish. We can take advantage of this biological phenomenon by focusing intentioned visions of our future as if it is already formed. When two or more people partner together, especially with a common intention and focus…the electrical signaling, frequencies, peaking and troughing of the brain waves become resonant.

The human mind is multi-dimensional and linked to the ‘universal mind’. It is also malleable and vulnerable to manipulation. Biofeedback researchers in the 1960s were surprised when research subjects were able to mentally isolate nerve cells and have voluntary control over those cells apart from any other. The studies also discovered that many feelings, body sensations, and drugged states are attached to mind-brain ‘programs’.

When triggered, the subjects experienced a series of memories, false memories, hypnotic commands, and body sensations that were attached together in a ‘program’. With limited cognitive brain capacity, humans are susceptible to suggestive dominant mind-control programs that enter from the media and familial, cultural, and religious belief systems.

A portion of the brain’s transmissions originate from the ‘global collective’ brain. The human mind consists of a variety of separate ‘programs’ that have developed throughout history (e.g. misogyny, racism, sexism), some dating back thousands of years ago. Due to continual fragmenting of the human psyche from early childhood, there exist an array of distorted mental programs that require healing, clearing and transmuting. Our minds need a thorough purging!

According to Trauma Healer, Jane Clapp ( “Neuroscientists argue that people more likely to believe conspiracy theories have brains more prone to illusory pattern perception, AKA finding connections where there are none, related to extra levels of dopamine. Dopamine is released when our brain is expecting a reward. Once the brain sees a pattern often heightened by the survival-based negativity bias we all have at birth, we get a jolt of ‘excitement’. We actively seek out and zero in on perceived or actual threats to our survival. The negativity bias is further amplified by chronic or traumatic stress via negative neuroplasticity. We become VERY good at noticing potential threat. Once we have enough information to support a theory, then comes the confirmation bias. Ahh yes! See!!!! All these random pieces of information now make sense. ‘The smoke alarm part of my brain is telling me the truth. Here is the ‘evidence’.’ This heightened activation then limits access to our prefrontal cortex keeping our lid flipped and a loop is created reinforcing hyperarousal, in addition to the negativity and confirmation bias. A chronically flipped lid is how we often lose discernment and personal agency. Once we jump on a loop that loop can become very hard to jump off. ”

In light of unprecedented problems now facing the world, both as a species and as a planet, we need to develop ‘mental resilience and strength’.  With the introduction of digital AI algorithms and the distorted mental programs that evolved over time to survive specific situations are making us easy targets for manipulation.  We need to contain our mental space and develop multi-dimensional dual-brain balance.

When we unlock from the global ‘virtual reality’ simulations, the two asymmetrical brains can then cohere in a new singularity.  This activates our potential to self organize to a higher level of evolution. Living as a holistic being, in touch with our feminine and masculine qualities, we transcend the left-right (clockwise) animal symmetry. With two fully developed, yet distinctly different brains, we are autonomous, free from outside manipulation. We have attained a higher inner balance, integration and coherence, a self organization in the midst of chaos. In the zero point of singularity, we flow in brainwave entrainment with our Higher Self – without fear or delusion!

Humans have an innate need to evolve and grow into ever more expansive fields of consciousness. As we navigate the delicate balance of mental and emotional health during this volatile year, we join together and support each other and humanity into a new paradigm of unity consciousness. If you missed our Heart Health Activations, you can receive the healing benefits in the replay:

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Lovingly, Meg

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