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Igniting the Aquarian Renaissance

Mar 19, 2023 | 0 comments

In just hours the Equinox occurs at 0° Aries on March 20 at 2:24pm PDT (21:24 UT) in the Northern Hemisphere. The day of the Equinox the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays, so all regions on Earth receive about the same number of hours of sunlight. From a cosmic vantage point, night and day are balanced, equal length all over the world.

Solar activity has intensified leading up to the Equinox. The incoming solar waves stream tons of plasma from the great central sun into earth’s magnetic field, moving the poles and altering the climate. Plasma is a cloud of protons and electrons transferred by the solar wind. It is common for ‘equinox cracks’ to form in earth’s magnetic field during the Equinox – we call these openings portals or stargates.

The Equinox at 0° Aries exits in zero point energy – the balancing point between forces of light and dark. The galactic center also pulses in zero point energy between our dark universe and the parallel crystalline universes of Light. These threshold portals exist as doorways into vastly different realms. Gaia is currently passing through threshold resonance to fully embodying quantum consciousness.

Following the Vernal Equinox is the first New Moon of the astrological year in 0° Aries at 10:23am PDT (6:23 UT) on March 21. New moons initiate new beginnings and opportunities, the perfect time to start a new venture, relationship or healthy lifestyle habit. In Aries, the new moon enhances personal courage and assertiveness, taking action on your own behalf.

One of the astrological highlights of 2023 occurs later this week on March 23, when Pluto moves into zero degrees Aquarius.  At the moment, Pluto is still sitting in the final 29° Capricorn, called the fate degree, representing the end of a cycle. Pluto in 29° Capricorn unfurls the fall of narcissistic patriarchal authoritarians, with indictments coming out this week. It has been building to a climax for some time, as the collective calls for an equitable, compassionate world.

In humanitarian Aquarius, Pluto questions corrupt hierarchies, starting a new cycle for more equality, forging a new society for the people. The Aquarian era heralds a new Renaissance! During the Middle Ages it was the invention of the printing press that promoted widespread literacy, leading to a glorious Renaissance of books, art, sculpture, architecture, and new societies. As before, today’s modern Aquarian Renaissance is spreading thru the internet a vibrant wave of new consciousness, new awareness, new community and new lifestyles. The Aquarian era births an explosion of creative output and invention.

In Monday’s Equinox Gateway Activations we will work with zero point energy, enhancing more balance, peace and harmony, as well as invigorating the Aquarian Renaissance with a Aries New Moon. We will empower the final 29° Capricorn fateful completion of the hierarchy matrix, as we ignite the humanitarian aspects of the Aquarian era. We are the New Earth Wayshowers, we were born for this moment.

Join other Light Beings and visiting Starseeds for the Equinox Gateway Activations. Travel to your Soul’s original Homestar and connect with your unique home starlight. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg

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