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Just Hours Till 11:11 Activations

Nov 10, 2023 | 0 comments

We are in for a special treat…in just hours the 11:11 Gateway will reach full amplification of harmonic celestial frequencies. You may have been feeling the energy ramping up all week, with increasing kundalini surges and ringing in the pineal crystals and inner ear. The 11:11 Ascension codes are vibrating alive!

The 11:11 number sequence acts as a magnification of the illumination effect that has been increasing since 2012. A great unveiling is occurring, revealing where we still are disconnected from Soul presence. 11:11 is the symbol of Spiritual Mastery. We are becoming more aware of our divine self, purpose and destiny.

In Numerology, 11:11 is considered a master number sequence. Since the birth of numerology in ancient Greece, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 have been revered as Master Numbers. When you see a recurring master number sequence, like 11-11, it is a message from Spirit.

11 is the number of Illumination, the seer, the code of the visionary. 11 is the most intuitive of numbers, a channel to higher consciousness. 11:11 acts as a circuit connection for multi-dimensional electrical current to ‘download’ into the human and planetary grid system. 11 provides the means to connect. Envision the number 1 – it looks like a column or antenna. 11 acts as a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical world.

11 Master Number of Illumination is peeling away the layers of distortion and denial so that we can emerge from darkness into authenticity. Under the influence of 11:11, humanity is being triggered into new enlightenment levels, as more and more people awaken to the Golden Age of the New Earth.

The 11:11 Gateway provides an opportunity for you to join with others across the planet to activate on the Way of Love and Hieros Gamos, the template of Sacred Union. Step into the 11:11 gateway and connect to Mary Magdalene’s lineage of Feminine Spiritual Leadership. October’s Eclipses were ruled by Venus, preparing us for 11:11 circuitry to ignite within. It is our sacred calling to awaken, embolden and embody the Divine Feminine power to attain Sacred Union.

On Saturday, November 11, the 11:11 Gateway is energized.  During this esoteric event, the 11:11 Ascension codes will interact with the neural network in the brain and multi-dimensional DNA to access higher dimensions of Spirit. 11 is a ‘master number’ that catalyzes spiritual breakthroughs. Join us at Mount Shasta for a powerful initiation! You can join us for the entire 3 Day 11:11 Retreat Zoom LiveStream ( or just the hour of Zoom 11:11 Gateway Activations (

Lovingly, Meg


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