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Just Hours Till Equinox Activations

Sep 22, 2022 | 0 comments

In just hours we will experience the arrival of the Equinox at 0° Libra. Libra is the sign of ‘balanced scales’, inspiring more justice, harmony and equilibrium in the world. We are entering the great cosmic Equalizer. As we attune to today’s Equinox balance point, we are integrating, blending and adjusting to recent upgrades.

This is a rare zero point gateway of quantum possibilities, an infusion of totality of universal creational force. In this rare moment of perfect stillness, we inspire a new paradigm, we spread Love, we create harmony, we birth the New Earth!

The Equinox occurs at critical 0° of Venus-ruled Libra, the goddess of love, beauty, and abundance. Venus represents the divine feminine aspect, the driving force of 2022. Let’s gather together and immerse ourselves in the fluid essence of feminine energy, releasing the stranglehold of ego control and rigid aggression. As we let go of lifetimes in the patriarchal power structure, we relinquish all attachments to a dying way of life.

The feminine essence softens and dissolves all resistance, as we allow ourselves to surrender into the quantum receptivity of universal nourishment. Venus-ruled Libra at 0° offers a fresh start in a new circular operating system of continuity, collaboration and collective investment. The world is in the unification process of becoming whole and complete.

Today’s Equinox is the cosmic moment when night and day are nearly the same length all over the world. It is a rare moment of perfect balance that permeates the field. In the null-zone pulse of zero point, you can unlock your mind from the controlling power system and quantum shift into the New Earth timeline.

Zero point events open the portal where matter and anti-matter merge to create new realities. Wherever we use the sacred geometry Infinity, it activates the null-zone where physical and spiritual unite. Infinity evokes the energy of Equalizer wherever we apply it. While working in the Quantum Vortex, we loop the Infinity to instill zero point coherence in the body, heart, mind and field. It provides stabilization while living in a chaotic world. Today’s cosmic event brings all aspects of Self into the perfect Equinox stillness between day and night, in the Now Moment.

I will be leading Equinox Activations tomorrow, Friday, September 23, for those called to step into the feminine anti-clockwise vortex, pulse in zero point balance, and activate more of the New Earth circle of life. Join me in the Libra Balancing Equinox Gateway for timely activations as we shift into quantum living. Register here:

Lovingly, Meg


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