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Just Hours Till Equinox Arrives!

Mar 18, 2024 | 0 comments

In just hours the Equinox arrives on Tuesday, March 19th at 0° Aries. We are celebrating the cosmic moment when night and day are nearly the same length all over the world. It is a rare zero point portal of infinite possibilities. In the null-zone pulse of zero point, you can unlock your mind from the controlling virtual reality and quantum shift into the New Earth Timeline.

In the stillness of the now moment, the quiet, calm balance-point, you utilize the Quantum Vortex vacuum affect to draw Soul deep inside and be nourished. As your crystalline genetics awaken within, your spiritual vessel evolves into an interdimensional home for your Higher Self to descend within. During the Equinox Gateway Activations we will be integrating myriad aspects of Self into ONEness.

The cosmic energies ramp up all week, heading into Eclipse Season just days later. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25 shines a spotlight on any imbalances in our relationships – where we need to break free of external dependencies and emotional attachments to others. The Libra Full Moon illuminates the hidden, shadow aspects of unhealthy relationship patterns including narcissism, control issues, deceit, people-pleasing and perfectionism.

We cannot ascend into higher consciousness as long as the lower vibratory ego drags us down. As we dismantle the ego hierarchy ruling our thoughts, emotions and unhealthy behavior, we are reminded just what is holding us back, getting in our way, preventing us from living as the Higher Self. The Libra Lunar Eclipse sweeps into the open what we’ve been avoiding. Take advantage this week of the balancing Equinox and radiant Lunar Eclipse as cosmic lightning rods for rapid transformation. Eclipses are turbo-charged events, setting into motion ‘breakthrough’ moments.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to activate more Soul connection and embodiment. Join other Light Beings and Wayshowers for our Equinox-Eclipse Activations on Tuesday, March 19. Sign up here:

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte


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