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Leo LionsGate

Aug 3, 2023 | 0 comments

The annual 88 LionsGate is open and alive with cosmic fire! Every year as Star Sirius rises with the Sun on the horizon, a direct pathway opens to Sirius and the Sirian Blue Ray infusion. Guarding the gateway are Sirian Lion Elders, ancient protectors of the supernatural realm. While LionsGate is active, it is a time of enhanced spiritual connection to our galactic ancestors and the Lion star tribe of the 12 Root Races of Zep Tepi Egypt.

The Zep Tepi energies dwell in the depths, purging anything not in alignment with the original star seeded divine human. This can show up in many ways. This deep cleansing is sweeping away the outdated patriarchal shadow feminine and masculine energies from the body, heart, mind and field. As the old 3D chakra pillar reaches completion, your Soul’s Pillar is firing up, igniting and activating in its place.

The theme of LionsGate 2023 involves activation of heart consciousness. Humanity is evolving from the dominant ego mind to an expanded heart-centered mindset. Leo the Sun sign represents the Heart. Leo the Lion loves boldly, wholly and completely. While LionsGate is active, heart-mind coherence is enhanced. Take advantage of the opportunity to align your mindset with your heart’s truth.

Also on August 8, 2023 Venus conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 23° Leo and squares Uranus at 22° Taurus. This Venus alignment reminds us to let go of distorted shadow feminine energies, as Zep Tepi influences the resurgence of the divine feminine essence. In Numerology 8 represents Infinity, balance, union and harmony. 8 is the symbol of abundance. Step into LionsGate and reawaken the divine feminine aspect of your original Soul Cluster within your being. Fire up heart consciousness and magnetism in all that you do and all that you Love. The Lion Elders are here to remind you to live and love boldly!

We will be working on both personal and planetary ascension in LIVE Webcast on August 8 at 12pm PT. Calling all New Earth Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Master Alchemists from all around the world to fire up LionsGate on Tuesday, August 8th.  Register Here:

Lovingly, Meg

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