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Leo New Moon Upgrades

Aug 16, 2023 | 0 comments

Today’s (August 16) New Moon in Leo (Sun and Moon conjoin at 23° Leo) with a Grand Earth Trine of Mars, Pluto and Uranus. The powerful Leo New Moon is also conjunct Venus, providing divine feminine influence in our relationships with others and self.  New moons initiate new beginnings, opportunities and course-corrections. In Lion/ess Leo, the New Moon heralds a new leadership style of heart-centered conscious collaboration.

The LionsGate Activations continue to ripple through the field, leaving a permanent impression in the collective psyche. Leo solar radiance brings all into the light. How has it affected you? What has been revealed in the past two weeks? What is shifting or completing?

I have been noticing an emphasis on deeper extraction from the old matrix power system. In my healing work, it energetically appears like we are entangled in a dark shadow web or spider’s nest. Several times since LionsGate, I awoke from deep sleep with visions of the dark web near me and had inflamed spider bites. I applied the Quantum Vortex to spin the web matrix away from my field.

AA Metatron encourages us to pull all our energy out of the dark web and into our Soul’s Pillar of Light. It is a gradual shift from the old hierarchal operating system to the new circular operating system. I’ve been proceeding with the extraction process for years at the quantum level.

The system override has finally hit my 3D physical life. Since LionsGate all my business and financial accounts were hacked. I had to close everything and start over with new accounts in the new operating system. A clean sweep, moving my entire life into my Soul Pillar in the new earth operating system.

Today’s Leo New Moon Grand Earth Trine is making it real. Making it 3D earth-bound. The shift is showing up in our human lives. As you move your energetic inflow into your Soul Pillar, you start to exist outside the ripple effect of the 3D matrix power system. It is liberating. It is paving the way for Conscious Leaders to illuminate the pathway home.

Lovingly, Meg


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