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LionsGate Heart-Centered Mindset

Jul 28, 2023 | 0 comments

Leo magic is underfoot! Leo season ignites deeper solar illumination, vitality and creative life force in your life. Tap into the vibrancy of bold Leo energy to increase your own super-radiance.

In astrology, Leo the Lion governs the heart. Ruled by the Sun, Leo emphasizes the divine spark at the heart of our solar system…and within each one of us. There is a great shift occurring in the field, a growing swell of loving compassion and united focus of safety and care for all living beings. The infusion of heart expansion is changing the landscape. Leo is courageous, confident, creative and bold. No longer will we tolerate violence or injustice towards others.

We are in for a momentous treat on Tuesday, August 8th…the galactic superwave of heart expansion. The Lionsgate portal opens the ‘Universal Heart’ to all. As you open your heart in resonance with divine Love, you begin to hold the frequency of Leo’s brave heart. As you set your intentions for a united world in peace, Love and harmony, you are accessing the 5D ‘heart’ field. Lionsgate is unlocking more dimensional barriers, illuminating the way to the New Earth Timeline.

As I tune into this year’s LionsGate energies, I am picking up a new ‘mindset’ pulsing in the field. As the world moves through a multi-dimensional shift into higher consciousness, we are opening to the ‘heart-centered mindset’ of the New Earth operating system. The old ego-driven hierarchy software is being replaced with the new Circle of Light collaborative software – a mindset that is coherent with heart compassion. What a new concept!!

Not only do we reset our biofield in the new circular operating system, but we also need to adjust our mindset with the new 5D software. Old, outdated core beliefs, mind conditioning and thought forms are being replaced with the New Earth high heart mindset. When you weave Infinity Loops vertically around the heart and mind, you connect and unify the bicameral brain (left-right hemispheres) with the intuitive 5D ‘feeling field’ of the heart.

Running the Infinity Loops initiates the unification process to the right-left brain and mind-matter connection. Research reveals a dynamic, two-way communication network, including the vagus nerve neural circuit, between the heart and brain. Heightened states of increased heart (magnetic) and mind (electric) rhythm coherence enhance the intuitive channel for Soul communication and a deeper interconnectedness of the physical and energetic bodies. Learn more at

We will be working on both personal and planetary ascension in LIVE Webcast on August 8 at 12pm PT. Calling all New Earth Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Master Alchemists from all around the world to fire up LionsGate on Tuesday, August 8th.  Register Here:

Lovingly, Meg


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